Dodgers David Freese Shows Off Juggling Drills with Chris Taylor and Russell Martin

Amazing what Professional Athletes can do

The Dodgers just took two of three games from the Arizona Diamondbacks after sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals three games to none. A key to their success is the amazing chemistry the teams seems to have and with veterans like David Freese and his instagram account, we can see why.

Taking the place of Chase Utley’s dad role, David Freese has become the StepDad of the group, helping guys like Matt Beaty get situated in the big leagues.

Thanks to Adrian Garro from Cut4 for being Johnny on the Spot with his social media awareness, this clip was found off of David Freese’s Instagram account:

If you can’t see from the grainy footage, that’s Chris Taylor and Russell Martin joining in a three way juggling drill that would make Cirque du Soleil take a look. Both Chris Taylor and Freese look like their close to coming back from the IL with the way their moving!

Also in the room is a trainer, Corey Seager on the training table and someone who appears to be Carl Fredricksen from the 2009 hit movie, Up.

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Not sure, but this is the type of fun a team should be having on this 162 game grind of a season.


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