Dodgers: David Price Getting Rid of His Massachusetts Mansion

The newest Dodgers’ hurler is cementing his move to Los Angeles.

When the Dodgers traded for Mookie Betts back in February, David Price was thought of as more of an add-on. Fans were understandably excited for Betts considering Price’s best days are likely behind him. But lately, the man has really taken to Los Angeles. 

In a surprising move, it was reported late last month that Price would be giving the Dodgers’ minor league players $1000 to help make it through the month without baseball. The gift was initially supposed to be done without any attention, but the media got a hold of it and Price was suddenly a hero in Los Angeles. 

Price now looks to be cementing his move to the Dodgers by selling off his Massachusetts mansion. The massive 12,000 square foot house located just a few miles from Fenway Park almost immediately went into a ‘pending sales’ status. The sale is rumored to be for over $6 million. 

The huge house features seven bedrooms and a host of luxurious amenities, including a movie theater. It’s just one of several houses currently owned by the Dodgers’ pitcher. 

Price is set to be with the Dodgers through the 2022 season before becoming a free agent. Approaching his 35th birthday in August, that would have him hitting the market at 37 years old. 


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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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