Dodgers Do Not Move Up in the Latest MLB Power Rankings

Still in a good spot, but LA doesn’t move up.

The Dodgers had a pretty successful road trip this week despite having to deal with rain delays and some pretty hot weather. But they went out to the East Coast and took 2 of 3 from the Phillies and swept the Mets after 2 extra-inning wins. 

But despite that, the Dodgers were not able to move up in MLB’s Power Rankings this week. They came in at number 2 once again after the Giants pretty much kept pace with them all week. The trend of San Francisco winning when Los Angeles does continued. 

But on the positive side, the Dodgers do have the best run differential in baseball at +193. It’s pretty wild that they’re still 4 games back of the Giants with that sort of success. Unfortunately, the runs have come in waves in 2021. 

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But the additions of Max Scherzer and Trea Turner is proving to be the difference-maker so far. With Mookie Betts on the injured list, Turner took over the leadoff spot for the Dodgers and ran with it.  Through 9 games, he is slashing .265/.333/.353 and has scored 10 runs. 

Scherzer has been everything that was advertised through the better part of his career. In 3 starts with them, the Dodgers have yet to lose a game. And that includes a rain delay that forced him out early against the Phillies. He’s going to be a force in their rotation down the stretch. 

So while they’re not at the top spot now, don’t be surprised to see the Dodgers on top in the coming weeks. 

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. Of course the Dodgers didn’t move up in the Whatever rankings. They’re 4 games behind the Giants.

  2. When Roberts keeps playing Billy ‘Babe’ McKinney every day, it has become obvious that Roberts is not playing with any sense of urgency….. All other Dodger regulars, ‘All Star’ players, get ‘spa’ days often. Yet ‘Babe’ is a mainstay in each and every game.

    What does McKinney bring to this lineup as their regular starting right fielder? I am at a total loss.

    If we end up in a 1 game playoff series as the WC, remember how many wasted at bats Roberts gave away with Babe in the lineup.

    • Roberts inferred that McKinney was
      ‘the better fielder’ over BEATTY who
      clearly has the better bat & should be
      utilized more somewhere- just not right
      field. He also stated he liked McKinney’s
      ability to work counts better- & that would be
      ‘before striking out’ LOL!

  3. One question… who cares? Seriously. Who really cares if the Dodgers are number 1 in some power rating? They’re still 4 games behind the Giants and still aren’t likely to catch them before the end of the season. They just don’t have the bullpen talent and more important.. they can’t keep from getting hurt. We can’t go a day without some story about a Dodger player either going on the IR, or rehabbing or just coming off the IR or some such thing like that. It’s gotten old.

    Does anyone really believe that this team will be able to suck it up, play through their injuries and when the division? The World Series? I don’t and I bet most of Dodger Nation is beginning to come to that possibility.

    • For starters, we have to pray that
      THE REDS snatch the other wild
      card from THE PADRES- tho even
      with their dominance over us so far
      in ’21, I anticipate us playin’ them much
      tougher from here on out given their thin

    • Yes. I believe the Dodgers will win the division. But that’s admittedly because I think the Giants will hit a rough stretch, where the one run games finally start to go against them, at least some of the time.

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