Dodgers: Does 2020 Take Away the Sting of 2017 Loss to Cheating Astros?

Stan Kasten shares his thoughts.

Remember when the Astros cheated their way to and through a World Series championship in 2017? Of course you do! The Dodgers and Yankees are among the teams and fan bases that were robbed of fair competition that season and will never forget. However, the Dodgers have at least come away with a championship since then.

In discussing the 2020 World Series title this week, Dodgers president Stan Kasten was asked if the sting of that ’17 loss was lessened with the win last year.

“No,” Kasten said laughing. “But we never think about the past — we can’t worry about the past — and right now, we’re not worried about ’20. Our focus is on ’21 and winning again. We’re focused on winning every year. We have fans and media that have supported us, continue to support us and that’s what they deserve from us. So we’re working hard just looking forward, but we’re awfully proud of what our players accomplished in ’20.

MLB Network’s Chris “Mad Dog” Russo doing his job to try to stir the pot for sure in the question, but Kasten responded with the right answer. The focus for the front office should always be on what’s next and not resting on their laurels of a 2020 championship.

Importantly, the Dodgers have done just that.

Since October 27, 2020, the club has been successful in improving upon a bullpen that led the National League in ERA last season. With the addition of former NL All-Star closer Corey Knebel, the re-signing of Blake Treinen, and the fliers taken on once dominant relievers Brandon Morrow and Tommy Kahnle, Los Angeles boasts one of the top bullpens in the league. At least on paper. 

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Moreover, don’t be surprised to see the likely return of All-Star third baseman Justin Turner in the next few weeks filling out a team that’s already the favorite to win it all in 2021.

During this eight-year run of division titles, the Dodgers have seldom if ever looked back at what could have been while seemingly always looking to improve for the next title run. And even after their first championship in 32 seasons, they stick with the game plan. Don’t look back, look at what’s next.

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Written by Clint Pasillas

Clint is the lead editor of Dodgers Nation, and a host and analyst on Dodgers Nation's own Blue Heaven podcast live stream.

He's been writing, blogging, and podcasting Dodgers since about 2008. He was there for Nomar, Greg Maddux, and Blake DeWitt, and he'll be there for Walker Buehler, Alex Verdugo, Dustin May, and any Dodgers of the future.

He's also a sandwich enthusiast, a consummate athlete, and a friend.


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  1. Regardless, that 2017 title SHOULD BE VACATED!!

    Trophies and rings need to be collected.

  2. Usually I cringe when Kasten opens his mouth in public, but this time he hit just the right notes.

    • You know Rainbird I had the exact same reaction. That Russo interview was the first time Kasten actually didn’t sound like all a jerk. He did hit all the right notes.

    • I agree! No No NO! Strip the Astros of the title. The Yankees and BoSox are of the same sentiment. The Players should be banned from baseball. The fact that the cheating Managers are back in baseball is a disgrace and tragedy.

        • Even when you guys win it all, you sound like losers. The Yankee fans don’t whine. Classy bunch. Face it. You just hate the Okies. Think those multi-millionaire players care? You just want to hurt their fans.

  3. No matter what the Astros do in the future, whether or not they ever win another World Series with any member on the 2017 Astros team, they will always and forever be cheaters. They should always be spoken in the same breath with the 1919 Chicago “Black” Sox. The 2017 Astro’s should be held up as examples to children of what cheating is, how it looks and why it is NEVER aright no matter the “reward”. Children need to know why the 2017 Astros are hated by the rest of the baseball world.

    • Tom Brady too! First three Super Bowls carry asterisks because they won by spying on their opponents; the next one by DeflateGate. They really only won two SB’s…

      BTW, whatever happened to Marshall Faulk? He and Willie McGinest got into it a couple times on NFL network over the cheating. Did he get fired?

  4. No. Because Astros got away with it. Red Sox too.

    Commissioner Ron Manfred’s handling was atrocious. The “apology press conference” by Astros owner Jim Crane, Alex Bregman, and Jose Altuve was ridiculously contrived and not genuine. Later the sociopathic comments of “get over it” and “shut the f*ck up” by Carlos Correa and Josh Reddick showed no remorse. Only George Springer showed any class in this situation.

    Its not over, Astros will hear from fans when we’re back in MLB ballparks.

  5. Let’s ask Andre Ethier, Adrian Gonzalez, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda and others no longer with the team if the sting is gone.

  6. The dodgers got beat deal with it. They beat the dodgers in game 7 at dodger stadium with ease. Just remember dodger faithful, if you are so into this cheating thing, there is still a second envelope that the commissioner hasn’t opened. The dodgers and Yankees are rumored to be on that envelope.

    • What’s worse than the Astros cheating? It’s knowing there are people like you who are OK with it. I wouldn’t want you as a friend knowing that you would be ok with cheating if you could get what you wanted if you could get away with it. Trying to justify the Astros cheating by saying “well, other teams are cheaters, too” by alluding to some non-existent, pretended envelop with the Dodgers name in it is truly pathetic and the baseball world outside of Houston see’s your attempt for what it is; an attempt to shift the uncomfortable glare of public opinion off the Astros. It won’t work, of course. Most people are too angry at seeing the Astros being let off with only a hand slap to be distracted by your pathetic attempt at obfuscating their behavior.

      You’re what’s wrong in this world we’re unfortunate to share with people like you. The means does not justify the ends. What’s sad is that you won’t realize that you’re covered in manure until your stench is so overwhelming that you begin to wonder why people are avoiding you.

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