Dodgers: Don’t Expect Too Much Drama From the Astros Series

Every Dodgers fan out there knows what the Houston Astros took from our team. Houston knowingly utilized cameras and monitors to help steal a series win, yet still needed seven games to do it.

Because of that, it’s easy to understand why Dodgers fans are expecting some fireworks on Tuesday and Wednesday. But be warned, Dave Roberts has said that Los Angeles is all business heading into Houston. 

This offseason it kind of opened up a wound obviously. But I think that we’re there, we split a series right now, we’re looking to win a baseball game. I’m not going to talk about it, I don’t need to revisit it. I know what happened, the penalty that was paid to the Astros. But for us, I’m just looking forward to this season and this series. 

For fans looking to see Dodgers pitchers come a little too far inside on Astros hitters, you might be out of luck. Pitchers on the team have already talked about their desire to win ball games more than making a statement, and that payback would come in the form of a series win.

Dodgers Speak Up on Astros

Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen talked about the possible series last month. Kenley had let the media know that his desire was to take care of things on the field and not to have guys throwing at hitters. 

I feel like we are the true champions in 2017. It should be us, we got cheated. But if we’re going to play (The Astros) this year, I’m not going to throw at them. That’s not cool. I don’t wish anybody to do that, to throw at people. Just play them and try to be my best. 

Keep in mind that the starting pitchers for the series weren’t even on the team for the 2017 World Series. Walker Buehler gets the ball on Tuesday while Dustin May is set to go Wednesday. Buehler also had a few things to say when asked about facing Houston in the wake of the scandal. 

I think organizationally that makes sense. I think the guys that were there and on that team obviously feel even stronger than some of us who weren’t there. But there’s some sense of pride in going there and trying to play good baseball to come out of there with a couple wins. I think every game is important.

All of that to say, if you’re expecting Dodgers pitchers to throw at Astros’ hitters, you’re probably going to be disappointed. There is too much riding on every single series in a 60-game season to justify letting guys on base for free. Especially when your team just came off of a series split with a very bad Giants squad. 

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  1. I’ve noticed several posters on other sites calling this a “revenge” series, but it really means nothing, other than a chance to add two Ws. The NFL often schedules the Super Bowl teams the following season and bills it as a grudge match. Do you think that by winning a game in the next season, the losing Super Bowl team feels it has “evened things up?” This series is merely an opportunity for the Dodgers to show they are the team from the first two games against the Giants and the not the team from the last two. Go Blue!