Dodgers: Edwin Rios Leaves Games With Hamstring Injury

The curse of playing in Anaheim is very real. Once again, it looks like the Dodgers will not get to leave Orange County completely unscathed. Angel Stadium claimed another hamstring on Sunday afternoon when Edwin Rios had to be removed from the game. 

Rios laced a double off of the wall in centerfield during the top of the 2nd inning and came up grabbing his leg. After a meeting with Roberts and the medical staff, Rios managed to stay in. Matt Beaty then laced a ball into the gap that Rios should have scored on, but Beaty got thrown out trying to take second base. The Dodgers did not score a run as a result. 

Rios immediately went over to the dugout and walked down into the tunnel with a trainer. With the Dodgers giving Justin Turner a day off, they had to shift around the defense as a result. 

Later on in the game, it was announced that Edwin Rios had been pulled with left hamstring tightness. The Dodgers will likely have a better update on his status after the game today. Stay tuned. 

The Dodgers wrap up a series against the Angels today in Anaheim before a series with the Mariners. 

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