Dodgers: Expert Predicts Nolan Arenado Will Be a Dodger By Christmas

The Rockies/Dodgers trade talks are heating up.

Nolan Arenado to the Dodgers is no doubt going to be the storyline of the offseason. Since rumors surfaced early on in the month of November, they have only grown. And on Friday morning, the trade talks had reportedly started to heat up according to two different professional sources

According to former General Manager and current MLB analyst Jim Bowden, the Dodgers and Rockies might be closer than we thought. In fact, Bowden is convinced that Arenado will be a part of the organization by Christmas of THIS year. 

Nolan Arenado will be a Dodgers by Christmas. I spoke to the Dodgers, they are obsessed with getting a right-hand bat, preferably a third baseman. And they have been engaged with Jeff Bridich and the Rocked. Arenado is planning on opting out of his contract with the Rockies in a year. And Trevor Story is a free agent in a year. And the Rockies have serious financial issues after the pandemic. The trade talks between the Rockies and Dodgers are real…I think it’s going to happen, I don’t think the Dodgers have a lot of competition in trading for Arenado because of the contract and the opt-out. 

Everything about the Rockies’ situation with Arenado makes him a prime candidate to be moved. The only question would be whether Colorado would be willing to deal within their division. Any trade would take Arenado’s approval since he has a no-trade clause, but the Dodgers could be a team he would approve. 

Arenado’s contract also suggests that he could use his opt-out after the 2021 season. If that were to happen, it would be disastrous for the Rockies to not get anything in return for him. That being said, the compensation for him might also be a lot lower than any expected. The Dodgers could easily put together a package of prospects to make the deal happen if they want it. 

The other question would be if the Dodgers even want Arenado. Andrew Friedman revealed in interviews this month that he would very much like a right-handed bat added to the lineup, and Arenado could be that guy. But if they do manage to land him in a trade, where does that leave Justin Turner? So many questions, so few answers. But the good news is that the hot stove is heating up! 

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    • They could play JT at first base. Arenado is the best fielding third baseman in the game with the possible exception of Chapman. The Dodgers aren’t “maybe” better with Arenado, they are DEFINITELY better.

      • one is good, two is better. turner and treinen’s salary is about what arenado would get. i’d say turner will have a hard time getting his current salary on the free agent market. nor would he want to play elsewhere. he should give the dodgers a home team discount. turner and muncy can play either 2nd and 1st. assuming we sign seager, pretty nice infield eh?

  1. The only question is what happens to Seager, Bellinger, and Buehler and their extensions if you take on Arenado’s salary? An MLB analyst noted that 70 million comes off the books at the end of the 2021 season.

    These Dodgers are going to be good for a long, long time!!!

    • That 70M coming off the books is illusionary, unless they dump Seager and/or Kershaw, also add the raises coming through arbitration to Belli, Urias, Buehler, there goes your 70M.

    • yup. sign any one of arenado, lindor, or lemahieu and the dodgers are a dynasty. assuming of course as you wrote, seager, bellinger, and buehler can get extended. i have no doubt it all happens.

  2. I think Dodgers should explore a trade. They have quite a few prospects that are ready to contribute at the big league level but know where to put them because of the young talent that is already up. Keibert Ruiz, gavin lux, gray, etc to name a few. But JT is a big piece for multiple reasons. Very stable and solid player make argument he is the best acquisition next to Betts and he is a club house leader.

  3. If Dodgers get Arenado, Dodgers will not re-sign Kike, Pederson, Treinen, Baez, McGee, and Wood and just let some of the minor league guys come up. That would offset some of the salary. If Dodgers also re-sign JT, that would be great.

    And if NL goes back to DH again in 2021, then JT and Arenado have spots with the Dodgers.

  4. For his career Arenado has batted 322 in Colorado. Everywhere else he has a combined batting average of 263. JT has batted over 300 in 3 of the last 4 seasons, including last season. His overall BA over the last four years is 308 which is pretty much identical to his 307 BA last year. He is not in a state of decline offensively.
    Arenado’s defense at 3b is the best in baseball. But giving up 45 BA points, and many millions of dollars is absolutely insane. Re-sign JT to a 2 or 3 year contract. I’d still like to see Arenado at 3B for the Dodgers….in 2024.

    • Well if you can get solid batting average and 25-30 HR’s and 90-100 RBI’s every year from Arenado, those are numbers that JT just plain can’t hit anymore…Plus you get the best fielding third baseman in the universe. That would be a huge win. The days of JT playing everyday are not in the cards anymore. That is why the DH would be a boon to his career and probably give him 3-4 more years and the title of “professional hitter.” (take that Matt Stairs!”

  5. The staggering difference in Arenado’s stats at Coors vs away from Coors make him not much more than an average player offensively for LA, certainly not worth near his current contract even if the no-trade and opt-out clauses were waived. That’s if Colorado didn’t want a top prospect. Just taking on his contract would not be worth it.
    I love Turner and all he has given the Dodgers but his power has declined and will only do so over the next 2-3 years. Then there are the frequent hamstring issues. Keep him only at the right price. Turner and Treinen are the only two Dodgers FA’s worth resigning.

  6. I love JT. No problems with him as a person or player Glad he’s a Dodger but there’s no way you want Nolan at the plate against the Dodgers. Get him LA and make sure he’s there until he retires. Let Justin Turner DH if thats the new game set up.

  7. The Dodgers are under the 2021 tax threshold by slightly less than 18M and this before doing anything with their own free agents. Arenado will make 35M in 2021 putting them 17M over the cap without making another move this year.

    Does giving up top prospects to get player that will cost the team tax penalties in 2021 a year after they lost 100M in 2020 and before a season when they don’t know if they will again face losses sound like something Friedman and the team would do? Especially when they could get Arenado after he opts out next year without giving up any prospect capital and when they will know if they can keep Seager?

    This is why Bowden is a broadcaster and not a GM.

  8. If they can manage to not trade the young guys that have already contributed here then go for it but seeing as it’s a division rival I expect them to make us give up May, Gonsolin, or Graterol. If the package was Lux, Ruiz and a pitcher from the minors then I’d pull the trigger

  9. For 1 thing ,even though Arenado has better numbers at Coors as opposed to away games recall that Dodgers in 2020 and those playoff games played at Dodger Stadium by other teams during the post season surly showed that Dodger Stadium is not the pitcher friendly park as it once was years ago. If Dodgers were to get Arenado I happen to believe he would hit well enough here.

  10. I’d be shocked, this is the exact kind of trade Friedman doesn’t make, 33M for 6 years to a guy north of 30, whose out of colorado metrics are good but not close to great. I’d rather see a platoon of Rios and Hoese, you’d probably get similar production, and those guys cost nothing for years.

  11. Forget Arenado, away from Colorado he is just above average as a run greater (108 wRC+), roughly 30 points lower than Justin Turner in their careers. Every offensive stat screams out that they are hugely inflated playing at home for the Rockies. If the Dodgers are willing to part with several top prospects then go get Matt Chapman from the A’s. Gavin Lux, Keibert Ruiz, Tony Gonsolin, and DJ Peters should be enough to put Chapman at third base long term for Dodgers.

  12. Friedman & Co will only to an Arenado deal if it fits the Dodgers Financial plans. LADs do not decimate their prospects pool for a suspect Arenado with an Opt Out Clause next offseason! It’s a bad idea to me. The market is rife with teams unable to sustain their “pandemic losses”, so many high end players available at reasonable costs.
    DH in NL is a key factor in LADs planning. Plenty of time to wait it out. Jim Bowden is a Moron! Just like he was as a Yankee pitcher! Fuhgettabotit!

  13. This is a tough decision, but I totally trust Friedman to do whats right for the Dodgers, U can not include Graterol in any trade because he is are future closer, I agree with Troy you can platoon Muncy, and Turner at first base, Dodger fans don’t want to see anyone go, but thats not how it works, I trust Friedman to come up with the right scenerio for the team, just like they did with the Mookie deal? Anyone that truly does not believe Arenado will make this club better is just not being realistic, yes we will have to give up some quility players, but in my opinion it is worth it. I agree with most ideas, but I would be willing to give Gonsolin, and others too get a third baseman with his ability, guys, and gals you have too remember we are dealing with a guy that is so unhappy that he is probably not loving the game, put him in a Dodger uniform around are guys with are batting coaches this guy will turn out to be a special player?