Dodgers Fans React to Kenley Jansen’s Blown Save Against Astros

It’s both frustrating as all heck and disheartening at the same time.

Kenley Jansen couldn’t protect a three-run lead in the top of the ninth allowing 5 runs on 5 hits helping the Astros pull off a stunning 7-5 comeback win. We discuss Kenley’s implosion, postseason closer options, Dave Roberts’ decision to leave Kenley in, and more!

Plus, postgame reaction and all of your thoughts, comments, and questions about tonight’s game. 



The Dodgers need Kenley Jansen to be right before heading into the playoffs with him as the closer. Look, no doubt everyone wants him to succeed, but at some point for the greater good of every player on the team, you might have to look at having a contingency plan together for the postseason.

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  1. Yeah the Dodgers need Kenley to pitch the 6th or 7th inning in playoff games, because he won’t be closing them any more. Unless of course they want to lose n the first round again this year!

  2. The problem is that for seven years the Dodgers have come up short when it matters, so it is hard to not look at problems and not see the sky falling. In the FOs defense adding Kelly last year and Treinen and Graterol this year was supposed to help against a Jansen decline. One hopes we are not back at 2019 where Roberts was afraid to put in a reliever when it mattered. I still think the real issue remains a rotation with too many question marks and too many short outings. And we traded Stripling why?

      • And now we need someone to cover innings between the four the starters are giving us and end of the bullpen. Plus we now have one starter with post season issues, one with a blister, one who may have foot trouble and two who have little big game experience. We didn’t need to subtract just to subtract at the trade deadline.

    • I think you meant “electric stiff”. Kenley hasn’t had electric stuff in 3+ years. And then there is the “stiff” managing the team that doesn’t help the situation.

  3. Roberts leaving a guy in until the game is out of reach. Imagine that. Imagine the Dodgers bring this manager back to keep doing that. Who does that? Again, and again.

    • As long as Dave Roberts is manager, dodgers will never win a championship. His poor decision making will continue to cost games. From playing defensive liability Max Muncy and non hitting and non throwing catcher Austin Barnes to continually using Kenley Jansen who’s decline is not new. This player friendly mentality and managing from a junior varsity baseball manuel is terrible and super predictable. He stays because he’s a management puppet and the players love his not holding them accountable.

      • Here, here! My sentiments exactly! Along with the cheating, Robert’s extremely poor pitching decisions, etc. cost the Dodgers the 2017 series. His blind devotion to Jansen is inexplicable! His poor decisions have cost this team many important games and this is not the first time he has been criticized. Personally, I have never liked him and if the Dodgers are ever going to win the World Series Dave Robers will have to go! This team wins in spite of Roberts and they should not be hearing the footsteps of the Padres! Fire Roberts!

    • Dave Roberts is the reason i stopped watching my beloved Dodgers , ever since he left that Bozo in the game 7 world series . i just cant understand his way of thinking , Kenley Jansen needs to go and take Roberts with him .not now but right now !

  4. Jansen is effective when he can perfectly spot his pitches. It shouldn’t take Davey 5 batters to figure that out. Davey is managing like this is wrapped up. It isn’t! Padres are a very good team. There were 8 players on the field silently screaming “pull him”!

  5. The problem is Roberts inability to manage the pitching he has. By now he should know when Kenley has doesn’t have it and not leave him in during a melt down. The really good managers don’t usually wait for these type of moments to arrive. Two blown saves in the last World Series should have woke everyone up, but the Kenley saga continues and everyone is demoralized. As a fan, nothing is worse than watching a team having the lead after eight innings only to lose in the ninth as the closer blows the lead.

  6. Jansen simply hasn’t been a top level closer in about four years. He tops out at 91-92 and his other stuff simply is not electric. I would use him in a set-up roll at this stage. Combine that with a sweaty palms manager who managers out of fear and you have a recipe for yet another postseason that ends short of a title. Roberts’ feel for the game and even his own players is highly suspect at best. If L.A. somehow wins it all this season, it will be despite Roberts and Jansen, not because of them.

  7. Jansen has not been good for the last 2-3 years. Roberts cannot see that. He has no concept for what pitching should be. A closer is suppose to CLOSE a game not LOSE it. Jansen should be called LOSER instead of CLOSER. The only time that Jansen should be allowed in a game is if the Dodgers are leading by at least 10 runs and maybe even than. TRADE HIM.

  8. Jansen has not been good for years. Roberts cannot see that. He has no concept for what pitching should be. A closer is suppose to CLOSE a game not LOSE it. Jansen should be called LOSER instead of CLOSER. The only time that Jansen should be allowed in a game is if the Dodgers are leading by at least 10 runs and maybe even than. TRADE HIM. DUMP Roberts

  9. As Long as Dave Roberts is the manger.. the Dodgers winning a WS is slim….he showed how bad a manger he is in this game..and this is one of many HE has losted..after the first two batters you could tell Jansen did not have it.. but he still kept him in there… Roberts has done this time and time again.. last year and this year.. and yet they keep him ..

  10. yes as i said last week Jansen is finished as a closer. If we lose in first round or playoffs I dont want to see him trying to close. Every time I watch him it never a 1, 2, 3 inning always a walk or hit. Hopefully he is a free agent and the Dodgers let go . Yes what the hell was Roberts waiting for after 3 straight hit get him the f–k out of there. His stance on keeping him in there cost a game. Also who the the hell is the hitting coach. Both Muncy and Bellanger are completely lost at the plate. Strike out after strike out. Bellanger has no balance at the plate with no extra base hits or RBI’s in last some 40 at bats. Going to be hard to win playoff with these 2 guys basically doing nothing at the plate. I hope i’m wrong but i have doubt getting to World Series.

  11. Yeah, Kenley looked terrible. Brings up a good question. Would you rather have a closer who looks like he pooped his pants like Jansen, or have a closer who almost certainly pooped his pants like Aroldis Chapman

  12. Every pitcher has a bad outing occasionally. But Robert’s should have removed him before the damage was done. Instead he left him in there to blow the game. Blame Kenley but Roberts too
    Just plain stupid managing.

  13. I think Jansen’s new name should be “Ol’ Give-It-Up”, because it seems like every time he enters a game in a crucial save situation, he’s just as likely to give up the lead as he is to do his job as a closer. I’ve felt uneasy all season long when Jansen come in to close out a game. I’m worried about using him now in another game saving situation. Remember what happened to Jonathan Broxton several years ago when the Yankees beat him twice to win games in the 9th. He was never the same relief pitcher for the Dodgers again. I’m worried that the same thing could happen to Jansen after blowing the game Saturday night.
    Dave Roberts is known for showing loyalty to his players. Sorry to say that loyalty has cost him crucial games and maybe a World Series title

  14. Our team has to be really good to overcome the ineptness of our manager. I just wish he would stop playing favoritism and start putting his best players where they play their best. We don’t need Betts messing around at second. We don’t need Kenley closing out close games until he proves he is capable. Please, please, please manage this good team like the good group of professionals they are and not like you are coaching T-Ball.

  15. Stick a fork in Kenley he is done ! Muncy , Peterson , Bellinger , more forks they are done ! The old dodger saying is in effect , Wait till next year , How about the two hitting coaches , what the hell are they doing ? Possibly the worst of all time , get Belli off the damn plate , Muncy does not have a clue he might need glasses anybody even try an eye test , Jock wont be a Dodger next year because he just plain cant hit the damn ball period . Roberts and Prior gone neither know how to run a pitching staff …. Will any of this happen I doubt it , Roberts should be fired !!!