Dodgers Fans Sound Off on Adding in the Designated Hitter

Dodgers fans let us know their thoughts on the potential rule change.

MLB and MLBPA negotiations are ruining us all, and that’s the nice way of saying it. The two sides appear to be closing in on some form of a deal, though there are still plenty of details to figure out. Dodgers fans though are really concerned with one small detail. 

Part of the proposal from MLB getting games going involves two years of the universal designated hitter. That would carry the league through to the next collective bargaining agreement, which means the DH is likely around for good. Dodgers fans took to our Twitter page to express their concern with the rule change. 

Above all, it seemed as though the general consensus was that getting baseball back was more important. Yes, Dodgers fans have always known the purest form of baseball, but they would also like it back. 

But there were also plenty of arguments against the DH. Fans seem to think it is genuinely a more pure form of baseball in which managers play a more strategic role. 

On the flip side, some are glad that Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts doesn’t have to make those big decisions anymore. 

Fans also recognize that this rule change definitely plays right into the hands of the Dodgers. If any NL team is immediately equipped for this rule change, it’s us. 

The general sense from Dodgers fans right now is that they don’t really care all that much about the rule changes. Everyone just wants baseball back, even if that means changing up the game and team that we love. Edwin Rios, grab a bat, it’s your time to shine. 

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  1. I do not want the dh in the national league. Doesn’t matter though as much as I love baseball and the Dodger’s I won’t be watching if there is a season. They have shown they are politicians before ball players and really how little they care about fans both players and league commissioners. I’m done with pro sports at least for 2020

  2. Interesting to note that the NL is the only league not to use the DH. It is used in litte league. high school, college, and all the minors. Face it. They are not going to ban the DH. You will survive. They make rule changes all the time.