A Dodgers Fans’ Ultimate Test: Patience

But what significant moves can the Dodgers possibly make at this point?

Well, we already saw at least one notable trade.

It is true, all the big name free agent starting pitchers are off the board now. One can only hope the Cueto signing doesn’t cause a knee-jerk reaction from the front office. They may feel the pressure to do something.

Just as how the acquisition of Iwakuma (which is still in question) was met with rolling eyes after losing Greinke, a Mike Leake type signing would be treated similarly now. The Dodgers don’t need another #3-#5 guy in the rotation. They have plenty of those already.

Although the remaining free agents may not be ideal for the Dodgers anymore, that doesn’t mean they won’t be looking at all possible scenarios to add to the club. With the market now extremely thin, the Dodgers could start focusing on trade options a lot more closely.

Though the Jose Fernandez rumors that swirled around during the Winter Meeting seemed to have died down, who knows how quickly something like that could heat up again. With the plethora of prospects at the Dodgers’ disposal, no deal really seems completely out of reach.

Along with prospects, the Dodgers still have financial muscle they can flex. They’ve showed before that if the return is right, they’re willing to eat some big money. Sure, some may not like that strategy, and could point to a guy like Carl Crawford, who is making about $21 million/yr to be a platoon left-fielder.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

However, the trade to acquire Crawford, also brought the Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez, who has probably been the most consistent hitter on the team since coming over. Point being, the Dodgers have the ability to do that. Give us a good player, and in return, you can also give us a not-so-good player, who you’d rather not pay anymore.

Options are still out there for the Dodgers. The surplus of outfielders is still there. Top prospects continue to be a strength within the organization. And deep wallets can still go a long way.

Am I happy with the moves made so far this off-season and where the Dodgers roster currently stands? No, not particularly.

But again, it’s mid-December. Ask me in March/April, and I’ll give you a more definitive answer. And if that answer is still “no,” I’ll always have my keyboard nearby.

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