Dodgers Fighting off Yankees for Tops in Power Rankings

Fifth-toughest schedule, first in Run Differential.

At times, it’s hard to know how your team is truly doing in a bubble. What is meant by that is – when you’re just following one team day over day. Moreover, that team you follow is likely the Los Angeles Dodgers. While we all know they are pretty good, it’s always interesting to see how a mainstream publication sees them stacked up against the rest of the league.

Now, that publication is Yahoo Sports MLB. Furthermore, they have the Dodgers at number one ahead of the Yankees, Twins, Astros, and Braves.

At the season’s midpoint, here is what Yahoo says about the top-ranked Dodgers.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (57-29; last week: 1)

There aren’t too many holes to poke in the Dodgers right now. They have the most wins in baseball, the best run differential and they’ve done it while playing the fifth-toughest schedule. They have the second-best ERA in MLB and they’re sixth in runs scored. It’s the complete package. Of course, for these Dodgers it’s not a question of being good in the regular season. It’s about getting it done in October. That’s a ways away, but so far they look better prepared than we’ve seen in recent years.

To be sure, we all feel what Mike Oz at Yahoo is saying. The regular season for Los Angeles is merely the appetizer setting up the main course of the proverbial baseball postseason. Indeed, the Dodgers have shown that they’re likely the class of their own division without being at full-strength.

Obviously, it’s only a power ranking as we near the All-Star break. What’s more important will be how the Dodgers use the remaining games to solidify the bullpen, catching situation, and a starting rotation that has seen some instability.

In the end, that will tell the story of the 2019 Dodgers. However, it’s important to note that in one of the middle chapters; the Dodgers were at the zenith.

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  1. You’re right NODH. Unless we get a stud bullpen reliever to work in tandem with Jansen, or a starting pitcher like Wheeler of the Mets and leave Urias in the bullpen,and a power right handed bat we do not match up against Yankees right now with the three lefties they’ll throw against us ,their unbelievable power packed right handed lineup and we’re going to throw Ryu, Kershaw and maybe Hill and their superior bullpen to ours, it will be another disappointing Fall. Are you listening Andrew,because if we;re lucky to make to the WS,you have your work cut out for you before July 31.No bottom of the barrel relievers,please.

  2. Yeah, the Yankees scare me and so does Houston. The Yankees don’t have any real weaknesses, Their offense is locked and loaded and their pitching staff and bullpen are also pretty amazing.

    While the Dodgers starting pitching has been absolutely amazing, the starters typically go 5-7 innings. And then its all on the bullpen. With the exception of Jansen, Baez, and Urias, we do not have an exceptional bullpen, If Jansen, Baez, and Urias are being used heavily in a 7 game world series, we are probably in trouble. We really need some middle relievers and shut down relievers. I fear if we don’t get them, our bullpen could cost us the World Series.

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