Dodgers: Former LA Pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu Reveals His All-Time Favorite Teammate

It’s been a tough offseason for Dodgers fans. Not only is the MLB lockout depriving us all of the news whether it be signings, trades, or updates on our favorite players, but pre-lockout the organization lost some big-time names in free agency.

Corey Seager departed to the lone star state, while Max Scherzer decided to take his talents to The Big Apple. It’s been hard for fans to swallow, but it isn’t the first time the Dodger faithful have experienced such pain. Guys like Zack Greinke, Kike Hernandez, Joc Pederson, or Hyun-Jin Ryu have all left in recent years.

Hyun-Jin Ryu, especially, was a big blow as he just came off of a career year with the Dodgers. He posted a 14-5 record with a 2.32 ERA in 182 2/3 innings while being named an All-Star for the first time in his career and finishing in second in Cy Young Award voting. 

While it was hard for fans, it must have also been hard for Ryu himself who spent 6 seasons with the Dodgers. Yet, he’s seemed to make himself right at home in Toronto. While on a talk show in his home country of Korea, Ryu was asked who his best friend was among Dodger and Blue Jay teammates.

“It’s Justin Turner … We still kept in touch after I moved to Toronto. We send text messages. He video calls me from time to time.”

Hyun Jin Ryu revealing how awesome Justin Turner is from Dodgers

Justin Turner has been a leader in the clubhouse for many years now, so it’s not a surprise to hear that be Ryu’s answer. JT was also in talks with the Blu Jays, who showed a lot of interest in him last offseason, and you have to guess that his old pal Ryu was hoping for it to happen.

Written by Adam Salcido


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  1. You do realize it’s a business right? This is their job.
    Are you telling me that if you worked for Walmart stacking boxes for $15 per hour and Target offers you $25 per hour to do the exact same job you world stay with Walmart or of sheer loyalty? Man STFU!

    • That’s not a good analogy, baseball is different. If you’ve spent time with a team your whole career it is Very hard to leave them no matter how much money. And if you’ve been with them 10+ yrs usually ur not going to leave them

  2. Continues to confirm to me what a great guy Justin Turner is. Great team mate and in the game for the right reasons, not just for the money.

  3. Great business when you got pitchers or regular players making many many thousands of dollars for playing one game in the major leagues. These contracts are really crazy

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