Dodgers Former Owner Frank McCourt Issues Statement After Tommy Lasorda’s Passing

Today has been a very tough day to be a Dodgers fan. Waking up to the news of Hall of Fame Manager Tommy Lasorda’s passing was a gut punch to say many. But getting the chance to reflect on the career of a legend through the memories of players and coaches has been something that has helped ease the pain. 

There were so many former players and coaches that made an appearance on tv or radio to talk about the life of Lasorda. Even former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt issued a statement on the loss of Lasorda, made through the organization’s PR team. 

McCourt bought the Dodgers back in 2004 after a failed attempt to purchase the Boston Red Sox. At the time, Lasorda was appointed to Special Advisor to the Chairman where he would operate in scouting and player development, as well as acting as an ambassador for the team’s international affairs. 

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McCourt was forced to sell the Dodgers back in 2012 after a lengthy legal battle with the league. The sale came just a year after MLB took over day-to-day operations of the team when McCourt could not make payroll without obtaining a loan. These days, McCourt spends most of his time overseas, most recently purchasing a soccer team in France. 

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  1. Does anyone really care about what McCourt has to say. Among the biggest tragedies in US history was the Chicago fire, the San Francisco earthquake and McCourts purchase of the Dodgers (to paraphrase part of another famous quote). Too bad his attempt to purchase theBosox failed. If that had happened long time Dodger fans would be happier over our heritage/ history today. Lasorda is the true definition of a legend. He will Rest In Peace knowing he excited and energized not only Dodger fans but sports fans everywhere. What a legacy. Thanks for being, Tommy. A true Dodger blue rests in the blue skies above

  2. Are you Dodger fans on drugs? Frank McCourt was easily the best owner Dodgers ever had. You people drove him out of town. McCourt brought more Hall of Famer caliber players to the Dodgers during his era than any other Dodger owners. You want the list??

    Greg Maddux, Jeff Kent, Luis Gonzalez, Nomar Garciaparra, Steve Finley, Hiroki Kuroda, Manny Ramirez, Joe Torre (Manager), Jeff Weaver, Derek Lowe, Andreu Jones, Jim Thome, the list goes on and on.

    And McCourt listened to the fans, when they complained about Depodesta’s failure after 2005, he fired Depodesta right away. He was the first Dodger owner to renovate seats and parking at Dodgers Stadium. Prior to McCourt, Dodgers Stadium looked like a dump from the ’70’s. McCourt genuinely cared about the Dodgers, the players and the fans. Unlike the Guggenheim Group who only cares about money and keeps raising ticket prices every year.