Dodgers Foundation to Launch New Drive-Thru Charity Program for RBI Families

The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation continues to do incredible work for the community. On Wednesday, the LADF released its Dodgers RBI COVID-19 Needs Assessment?sharing the impact of the pandemic on households and how they have adapted support during this time. 

Here’s more information from a press release:

Outcomes of the assessment informed the launch of the Dodger Day Drive-Thru Series presented by ARCO, which will take place over 5 days in June, providing over 132,000 meals for 4,000 Dodgers RBI families registered in the organization’s sports-based youth development program. The “drive-thru” model, adjusted from its in-person format, will?provide over $480,000 in food boxes, exercise and fitness resources, softball and baseball equipment, books, and educational support to feed families and help youth stay active and healthy.?

The foundation is also working with the Hunger: Not Impossible project, a text-based hunger solution that connects those in need with meals.  

“Prior to the pandemic we were already on the ground in these communities that need support the most,” said Tiffany Rubin, LADF Director of Youth Programs. “Our Dodgers RBI families have been hit extremely hard by this pandemic. As we shift from relief to recovery, it is important to meet our families in their communities and listen to what they need to help them thrive. We are proud to partner with parks and recreation departments, Dodger team sponsors and donors to launch this series complementing our ongoing Dodgers RBI virtual season.”

Those who meet the criteria for this must first be part of, or register for Dodgers RBI.

About the LADF

The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation is bigger than baseball with ambitions to be the city’s premier charity. We want to impact Los Angeles’ most pressing problems: improving access to education, health care, affordable housing, youth programs and social justice. Since 1995, we have invested more than $30 million in programs and grants to nonprofits, and fundraising has increased by 1,000% since 2012. That growth has enabled us to do more.? 

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  1. I don’t have Facebook Twitter or any social media. I did not register my children for anything I did not know this something available I saw today until 5 the Dodger giveaway we are Dodger fans I’m not working and I’m hoping you can give me some information when and where the next giveaway. I’m very be very embarrassed to ask for help. This is a wonderful thing you are doing for people struggling I hope it’s not too late get at some information my telephone number is 323-557-5755

  2. We spent $600 on two fan cut outs in dug out but did not see either of them on tv last night. At least 12 cutouts in dug out were blocked by others in front of them; don’t know if that was the problem. We need to fix this problem or will have to demand refund as not getting what we paid for.