Dodgers: FOX Sports Debates NL MVP Frontrunner

Bellinger vs. Yelich will go down to the wire

Unquestionably, it’s hard to imagine 2019 Cody Bellinger without Christian Yelich right alongside him. Indeed, the pair will be forever in our memories for the show they’re putting on night over night this season.

Right now, they’re slugging it out for the MVP in the National league. Seemingly every night, they’re slugging it out like an 18-round heavyweight fight. For instance, on Monday night both players homered. In fact, Yelich actually hit two; much to the chagrin of Dodgers’ fans.

Remarkably, it was the 11th time this season that the pair has homered on the same day.

Recently, FOX Sports had a little debate about who is the MVP frontrunner. Here’s what they had to say.

FOX Sports: Bellinger vs. Yelich (Who is the MVP?)

First, former big leaguer Nick Swisher weighed in.

“I’m going to go with Yelich, and this is why. Because if you take him out of that Milwaukee Brewer lineup, I don’t think they’re in the position they are right now. But if you take Cody Bellinger out of the Dodger lineup, they have some studs who can kind of protect him. At the end of the day, one of these two studs is going to win it.”

It would have been nice if Dontrelle Willis played devil’s advocate. However, he did not.

“It’s too close to tell. These guys are on the barrel – they’re two of our best players – especially in the National league. It’s going to take someone having a bad week, it’s going to be that close. If Yelich gets Milwaukee into the postseason, he wins the award.”

So there you have it folks, it’s going to be close.

Weigh In, Objectively

So what do you say Dodgers Nation? Who is going to win this award – we want your unbiased take in the comments – and tell us why. Both players have done enough to make their case. It’s hard to say that no one will remember the player who finishes second, but that’s kind of how it goes. How many second place MVP finishers can you name?

The player who has the best August and September is likely to win this award, all things being equal; and they nearly are. Who takes it down and why?

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  1. Objectively is the key phrase here Clint. (I know I’m not objective). The bias shown Yelich among the MLB media and ex-player types on the TV just sticks in my craw everytime this subject comes up. Bellinger is not the better hitter (that’s objectivity). Bellinger is however, the better PLAYER. But I guess this award must be about who is the better HITTER because all the experts keep saying Yelich will get their vote. IMO Belllinger should win the award and it’s not even close. So even though Bellinger is keeping up with Yelich in the offensive catagories that do apply here, the overall skill sets of both players is being ignored. So I guess speed and defensive performance don’t matter when we discuss MVP’s.

    • Good post. I think if Belli holds it close – his defense will win him the award. Plus first-time nominee, along with the Dodgers team performance. Thank you for reading as always bluz

      • Clint…….Yesterday one of the guys on the MLB channel said Yelich should get the award because the Brewers are floundering in the standings and without him (Yelich) they would not even be in contention. Now that’s an argument with merit! It plays to the MOST VALUABLE moniker perfectly. With that statement will come back the question, Why should a player be penalized because his team is actually better than the guys team he’s competing with. But if you say most valuable PLAYER, than Bellinger should win the award because he IS the overall better player. That being said, I also believe the media has a negative bias towards anything Dodger…….take Ryu for instance…….what do you bet Scherzer wins the Cy Young?

  2. I think Bellinger is the better all around player looking at both sides of the ball. No one plays one, let alone two, positions defensively than Belli. That said, his hot April/May has allowed him to keep his BA up there. Home runs, runs scored and RBIs have been pretty consistent throughout the season. I’d give it to Belli, but the writers/voters will go with Yelich, unfortunately. End. Of the day, both have the creds to claim the award.

    • Great post David, have to agree. I’m not really biased in any way, though I watch every Bellinger game. He has more of a ‘wow’/anything could happen feel to him when the two are side by side. Both superior offensive talents. For me, Bellinger is like a Trout. Anything possible in nine innings.

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