Dodgers: Fred Claire Shares Latest Conversation with Tommy Lasorda

We collectively held our breath when we learned that legendary Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda was in the hospital early in November dealing with health issues. As the weeks passed, thankfully the reports improved along with Tommy’s health. 

In a recent conversation with, former Dodger general manager Fred Claire shared a bit of his most recent interaction with Lasorda.

I spoke to Tommy about 10 days ago (from last Thursday) and continually text Steve Brener [Dodgers public relations] to check on Tommy. But we had a good conversation as always. … And his spirit was good. His words were good. … And Tommy has the same goal, he wants to hit triple figures — live to be 100 or more.

The 93-year-old was last seen in public on the night the Dodgers won the World Series, celebrating alongside team owners Mark Walter and Magic Johnson, among others. Moreover, with everything that has gone on in 2020, the worry among fans and friends remains on high alert.

Sadly, the franchise has lost several legendary names from the annals of Dodger baseball including “Sweet” Lou Johnson, Ron Perranoski, and Lon Joyce to name a few. With those people in mind and a heavy heart, Claire continued to share his love and respect for Lasorda as he looked at his place in Dodger history.

He truly is a forever legend for the Dodgers because when we talk about the people we’ve lost… Tommy touched all those lives. There isn’t anyone who has impacted more lives in Dodger baseball history than Tommy. From the players of yesterday. From the players even before he became the manager. To the players of today.

If there’s one thing we know about Tom Lasorda it is that he’s a fighter. With that, our thoughts remain with him on his road to recovery and hopefully back to Camelback Ranch in February.

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