Dodgers Free Agency: Albert Pujols Discusses His Mindset for the 2022 Season

There are few players with a better baseball resume than Albert Pujols. The Dominican star has dominated the game of baseball for over 2 decades, and he isn’t ready to stop just yet.

After being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers last season and finishing a massive 10-year deal inked with the Angels, Pujols is now a free agent once again and looking for a home ahead of the upcoming season. In an interview with La Vida Baseball back in December, the veteran slugger opened up on what keeps him going this far into his professional career.

At the professional leveI, I have achieved everything: a World Series ring, MVP, all that. But one thing is your passion, the passion that you’ve had for baseball ever since you were a kid. You start to think about your childhood, what you’ve sacrificed, what you’ve fought for, and that’s what still attracts me – the passion that I have.

That passion has helped Pujols put together one of the greatest careers in the history of the sport, and it seems that he isn’t quite ready to call it quits.

We’ll see, you can’t really control that. I think my focus is on preparing myself and seeing what’s out there, because there are 30 teams in the major leagues and one of them might give me an opportunity. I’ve now played for three teams: St. Louis, Anaheim, and the Dodgers. There are 27 other teams that I haven’t played with. If any team thinks they need my services, I’m going to be ready.

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With his playing time reduced in 2021, Pujols found a new energy that helped him be plenty productive for the Dodgers as they chased back-to-back titles. A similar role for a contending club could help him keep playing for at least another year – perhaps long enough to reach the historic 700 career home run mark (he currently has 679).

Although he may no longer warrant a massive contract as he did in his prime, Pujols will still be a popular name once free agency resumes. If the Dodgers want to bring him back, they will definitely have to pay more than the veteran’s minimum they gave him last year.

Would you like to see the Dodgers bring back Tío Albert in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Take away the name, I know of a player who can only hit lefthanded pitchers, @ .270, hit about 15-20 homers if he gets enough at bats,if he gets on base you have to replace him w a pinch runner and he can only play 1B.
    What is he worth? I know, there are some clubhouse intangibles, but to take up a roster spot how much valud is it?

  2. I think that the Dodgers would love to have him back. His presence on the field and in the dugout was beautiful to see. The only real problem will be who gets sent down to make room for him. There are not a lot of options in that regard.

  3. Pujos isn’t stupid, and to be honest, I don’t recall seeing him as the ‘hugger’ he became in LA. It’s a ploy, and apparently, one that has worked well in inducing many that such hugging is needed to win. He’s another year older and slower still and getting him enough at-bats to justify his salary, even if minimum, will likely become more a detriment than a savior. This team needs players now more than before, not granddads who just want to feel needed by hugging everyone.

  4. Personally, I’d like to see him come back, especially when you consider some of the other pinch hitters we used in the playoffs. He’s Albert Pujols. But… when you look at it more objectively, he’s an older Albert Pujols, and the team could use a player with more versatility. Everything considered, I’d keep him.

  5. I was born in LA in 1962 so next year I am planning a 60th to celebrate with my Boys in Blue and hope that includes Tio Albert (my fave). Been a Dodger fan for 60 years and cannot wait to celebrate their 60th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium. Bring back Albert -absolutely!

  6. Bring back Pujols absolutely there are the intangibles besides his playing time that makes him a great member of the team. His excitement for the game is contagious and yes, whatever it takes (within reason, no outlandish contract) to bring him back, yes sign him to play with the Dodgers in 2022.

  7. For me he is that intangible. You can’t measure the value he brings to a team. He is a FIRST ballot Hall of Famer!! He is the ultimate team player and for a 42 year old veteran he can still produce. He hit 12 home runs in a part time roll. If he is spending the winter getting in better shape then I would sign him in a heartbeat. $10-$12 million because he still as value at gate! GO BLUE!!

  8. A fat 42 yr old that hasn’t even had an above average OPS in 5 years.

    Burning a roster spot for that? No.

    If he had all that ‘passion’ he’d suit up at a reasonable weight, so he could at least run the bases.

  9. I sure hope the Dodgers bring him back. He’s good for the team in so many ways. And looking at him, it appears he has lost some weight while he’s been in the Dominican Republic.

  10. Would love to see back on the team Albert has alot of knowledge of the game and can contribute so much more. He loves to play, which is very important and he loves to help other player do good. It would be important to him on the team. Other players would benefit from his knowledge of the game. I also think he would make an outstanding manager. The fans need him to stay with the team.

  11. PLEASE BRING ALBERT BACK! How many players, when they come up to bat, have everyone in the stands bringing out their phones to take video or pictures. Only Albert! You can’t buy fan appreciation, you can’t buy his knowledge of the game. Critical of the hugs? Watch how many of the guys,when they hit a homer, look for Albert with their arms out eager for that bear hug.

  12. As an Angels fan I’m amused by all the good vibes you Dodgers fans have for fat Albert. I never saw him as a team positive. Never heard him complain about finishing way out of playoff race. Fat AL always was about his greatness, his record chasing, 700 Homer’s being so close. He also says if not for bad luck he’d have 800 HRS. Give him time and he’ll want more at bats. And there will be a deserving young man stuck in the minors to make room for a guy who’s, a great hugger. Cool sign him.