Dodgers: Game Day Personnel Could Complicate MLB Games Getting Started

The amount of game day staff needed to start baseball might be the biggest obstacle of all.

The idea of MLB taking away the spectator side of baseball might end up being the easiest part of starting games. All things considered, fans might be the least necessary part of the games being played. The Dodgers’ President Stan Kasten understands that there are so many moving parts to baseball games that things could get complicated very quickly.

Kasten spoke with The LA Times about their plans to move essential personnel around to ensure that person-to-person contact is minimal when baseball is back. The problem is, the solutions are causing more questions.

As soon as it came up, we started looking at it, and it’s just like with everything else — we still have more questions than answers. It’s going to depend on what guidance we are given from baseball, from the city and the state, on what restrictions will be imposed for us to play a game without fans.

There are still too many questions with the coronavirus for the Dodgers to even begin to formulate a real plan at this point. Kasten still has no idea which personnel the league will even consider to be essential to games being played.

Will there be limitations on [clubhouse attendants]? Do both teams have the same number of trainers, doctors, and X-ray technicians, or will the home team provide them? Are we supposed to operate the scoreboards? Do we need a public address announcer?

Beyond the obviously essential medical personnel, there lies the entertainment value. Media members are generally allowed very close access to players with very few limitations. This is obviously part of the game that would have to change, but it’s unclear how the Dodgers, or any other team, would do that. 

Then there’s the whole world of the media. Are there restrictions on the numbers allowed in a stadium? Do we have pool reporting? How do we [keep reporters] separate? Are there personal interviews or is everything piped into the press box? I don’t know. Oh, we’ve got questions, man, lots of questions.

While the world tried to figure out how to deal with a COVID-19 world, MLB and the Dodgers still have plenty left to ponder. 

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