Dodgers: Gavin Lux Likely to Get the First Chance at the Starting Job at Second Base

Despite his down year in 2020, Lux will likely be the preferred option.

The Dodgers will have fewer options at second base heading into 2021 than they did last season. Sory of. They lost Kiké Hernández in free agency after signing a deal with the Red Sox, which sort of has an effect all around the diamond. 

The good news is that even if they have 1 less option, they still have a lot of talent capable of handling the job. The Dodgers have Chris Taylor, Gavin Lux, Max Muncy, and Zach McKinstry on their active roster at the moment. While each will likely play all over the field, they are all capable of handling second base as well.

But it might not be the revolving door of talent that we expected heading into 2021. The Dodgers may opt to give Gavin Lux a real shot at taking the starting job before looking elsewhere. The OC Register’s Bill Plunkett talked about the possibility recently, and we could see Lux getting the majority of reps early on. 

I think Gavin Lux gets the first chance at it. I think he gets a chance to kind of hit the reset button. This is a guy who was a top prospect in baseball in 2019, and then everything just kind of got out of whack last year. I don’t think he’s going to be handed the job, but I do think he’s going to get every chance to be the main guy there. 

Lux got off to a slow start with the Dodgers in 2020 and never fully recovered. The start and stop nature of the season led to him arriving at Summer Camp late, and he never broke camp with the team. Lux would go on to play in just 19 games and earning just 1 postseason plate appearance. 

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But not too long ago, Lux was rated out as one of the top prospects in all of baseball. One down year is not going to lead to the Dodgers giving up on him, and rightfully so. Lux should get the chance to get his starting job, and he will get the opportunity in 2021. To say that the starting job is his to lose isn’t exactly a stretch at this point. 

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  1. Unless Lux can become a much better defender at SS/2b, I see a move to the OF in his future. Michael Busch is coming on fast and strong for 2b. If Dodgers do not re-sign Seager for SS, then look for them to sign a free agent like Lindor or Story; possibly Javier Baez.

  2. I think Friedman and Roberts made sure Lux understands what’s expected of him and how he needs to handle things. If he doesn’t, Busch is right behind him. If he does, Busch could be moved to his position from childhood through college: 1B

    Muncy has this year and next, with the Dodgers having a team option on him for 2023. Friedman loves having versatility and options. It’s a good problem to have…

  3. Not sure Lux will have a very long leash if in fact the Dodgers haven’t given up on him already. He didn’t look good at all either in the field or at the plate last year. Dodgers were also not happy with how he showed up at ST2 last summer. If he gets another shot he better play like his hair was on fire!

  4. Lux should not be gifted with the 2B job. Taylor is the most qualified to play 2B. It should be his to lose. He is far better with the glove and the bat. As a RHB he has more value as well. Lux should get periodic opportunities against RHPs. But no gifts. You have to earn it. Lux needs to get his head on straight and prove that he belongs in the bigs.

    • the dodgers made a mistake handing lux 2nd base last year. he completely fell apart on all fronts. he’s got to do what all pups do when you want to be gifted a starting job on a world championship team…..beat out your competition and play like a major leaguer. taylor has proven himself better than lux but without kiki, taylor is too valuable at utility. i’ll never understand why the dodgers didn’t outbid the yankees for lemahieu.

      • Dodgers did not outbid the Yankees because they establish a value for every player who is, or may be on the roster and will not pay over that amount. Bottom line, not overbidding for Mahieu reflects the value they believe Mahieu would have brought back to the Dodgers. I believe LeMahieu never wanted to be on any other team, he only used the Dodgers and others in an attempt to leverage the Yankees into a more lucrative and longer contract — and, it worked.

  5. Here is a list of the last 30 years Baseball America Players of the Year:

    Frank Thomas, Derek Bell, Tim Salmon, Manny Ramirez, Derek Jeter, Andruw Jones,
    Andruw Jones, Paul Konerko, Eric Chavez, Rick Ankiel, Jon Rauch, Josh Beckett, Rocco Baldelli, Joe Mauer, Jeff Francis, Delmon Young, Alex Gordon, Jay Bruce, Matt Wieters, Jason Heyward, Jeremy Hellickson, Mike Trout, Wil Myers, Byron Buxton, Kris Bryant, Blake Snell, Yoan Moncada, Ronald Acuna, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Gavin Lux —

    So you want to give up on Lux already?

    Patience is a virtue.

    • Absolutely agree with you! This Friedman run Dodger group has been on target on a high % of the players they have brought up to the Majors, they have a great track record from guys Friedman has signed , drafted or traded for. Guys like Hernandez, Taylor, Muncy, Bellinger, Smith, etc. I like Lux’s odds in coming back in 2022.
      There is no question he can hit.

  6. Don’t give up on Lux yet. Look at the Dodgers history of reclamation projects like Justin Turner, who started his MLB career 4 for 52 and was a below average player until his first season in LA, which was his age 29 season. Also, Max Muncy and Chris Taylor had been left basically for dead by their previous organizations.

    • Exactly Lux is young. He has shown he can hit with his stats in the minors. The days of inflated Dodger rookie stats from Albuquerque are gone. The Dodgers obviously believe he can hit. Do not discount that Busch, Amaya, and other guys like Mann are pushing hard to get to the Majors. It never hurts to have other guys coming up hard to get players to focus and play their best.

  7. Gavin Lux should be starting second baseman with Taylor starting at 3rd cause I don’t see dodgers signing Turner.Lux will be an all star maybe not for dodgers but for somebody else. Friedman and Roberts don’t have patience .