Dodgers: Gavin Lux Talks Rookie of the Year Chase and Adjusting to the Big Leagues

The Dodgers have a long and storied history with the Rookie of the Year award. Jackie Robinson won the first RoY award back in 1947 and since then, the franchise has added 17 more trophies to their name. 

The latest Dodgers player to win was Cody Bellinger back in 2017 and Corey Seager had won it the year before. This year, the Dodgers will likely have one or two guys in the running to potentially make it three Rookie of the Year awards in five years. 

Gavin Lux‘s rookie status is still in place through 2020, and he’s probably the best bet for a Dodgers player to win it. Lux played in just 23 games in 2019 but still managed to slash .240/.305/.400 with a pair of homeruns at just 21 years old. Lux was asked about the Rookie of the Year award in his press conference on Thursday afternoon, and he was candid in his response. 

It’s a huge honor there’s a lot of really good baseball players in this game that are young or rookies or whatever it may be. I’d rather win a World Series than win a Rookie of the Year, so for me that’s the main goal is trying to win games and any statistic or accolade is secondary…Yeah obviously I think, you know I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t [thinking about it], but it’s not number one. 

You never really know what you’re going to get out of a top prospect, but Gavin Lux put together some good at-bats in his first taste with the Dodgers. In fact, they were so good that Lux got a spot on the playoff roster and earned ten plate appearances. Despite all of that relative success, Lux knows that he is yet to reach his ceiling.

For me, I think getting up here I just wasn’t as comfortable as I was in the minor leagues. So for me, it was just let’s be s confident as possible, let’s go out there not have any doubts and let’s go play. I think that’s the biggest thing and not getting sped up in the batter’s box. 

Lux has the starting job at second base and so much can happen in just 60 games. But a guy that hit close to .400 at Triple-A could easily be the one to win the Dodgers’ 19th Rookie of the Year award. 

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  1. Gavin Lux needs to worry about sticking with the major league club, not rookie of the year. Dodgers are stacked with hitters and in a 60 game season they aren’t going to have a lot of patience with him. So far he hasn’t shown enough to have “earned” his place in starting lineup.

    • Gavin lined a base hit right up the middle his first AB in MLB. If he is shooting for ROY; it is going to take 60 games of focus and intensity. He had focus and intensity That first at bat . I watched it as it happened in TV. (MLB network) That shows me he is the type player we want.

  2. I hope the kid is successful too. My point is he looks like a major leaguer. And he walks and talks like one, but his limited body of work so far is under whelming. First at bats are not a good indicator of a players career performance. In history of baseball 125 players have homered in first at bat. Only 31 of those players went on to become “hall of fame eligible. Only two were elected. If you go down the list of the 125 you’ve only heard of about 20% of them.
    This is going to be a fun season to watch. Lots of pressure on teams & players to get off to fast starts.