Dodgers’ Geren Chose Team for Family

Just Thursday, Darren O’Day reportedly was weighing geography in his decision as to where to sign his next contract. It’s not known how heavily he is doing so, but one new Dodger can attest to how important it can be.

New bench coach Bob Geren left a great situation with the New York Mets (who just went to the World Series) to join the Dodgers and did so, in large part, due to proximity to family on the West coast.

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He explains, through ESPN’s Adam Rubin:

“It was a very tough decision, but I am headed to L.A.,” Geren said. “Both my wife and I have aging parents and extended family in Southern California. It’s not often you get a chance in baseball to work that close to home and to your family. I’m going to miss everything about New York and the Mets. It was a wonderful four years.”

While way too many fans will jump to the “what, millions of dollars aren’t enough to play baseball? You have to be close to home, too?” hot take, just a little perspective can go a long way.

It was interesting after we released the article mentioning O’Day’s preference to stay on the east coast, fans were almost offended at the idea. I get it. In a way, he’s saying where he is from is better than where we are from, but we’d do the opposite in a second. Criticizing him for doing so would be pretty hypocritical.

Look, part of the reason athletes, coaches or anyone in general would work so hard to put themselves in contractual positions of strength is so that they can make those kinds of decisions based on what’s best for not only them, but their family as well.

That O’Day and, in this case, Geren have done so is a testament to how hard they’ve worked at their craft.

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