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Dodgers – Giants Rivalry: 1883 – Forever

All of us and our parents were born into a rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants, which started back in 1883. Naturally, most fans take the initiative to assume this is a rivalry is between the fans as well. This is perfectly fine in most cases and adds a little flavor to the match-ups each year these two teams face one another.

2011 Opening Day was no exception!

It started with a few friendly banners:

Later on a few fans were offended and decided to fight (check the video):


After the game, 2 Dodger fans decided the only thing missing from this Dodger victory, was a victory of their own, attacking 3 Giants Fans. Unfortunately, we don’t have a video of this incident, but it wouldn’t surprise me if something surfaced.

Feel like you missed out?? Grab some tickets for tonights game and have a chance to see the Dodgers challenge the Giants under the lights. Post game fireworks, with a possibility of another fight under the lights.


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