Dodgers Highlights: Julio Urias Strikes Out Side in Debut

Heading into Friday afternoon’s game, Camelback Stadium was abuzz as the much-awaited debut of one Julio Urias was finally upon us. Well, he disappoint (for one inning, at least).

Sitting in the press box, it was interesting to see how focused the room immediately became, and this was on the same day one-time top prospect Zach Lee took the mound.

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I was almost positive Jon Heyman would need help getting out of the room, if not how for the second inning went.

Let’s take a look at the first inning of work.

Friday almost perfectly summed up the relationship a team has with its top prospects. On one hand, fans got to see exactly why he has everyone around the organization chomping at the bit to see him on the mound regularly at the major league level. On the other, fans also were exposed to why teams take their time with players so young.

Friday was fun, even if that second inning was pretty much an unmitigated disaster. The nice thing about baseball (especially this time of year) is that another game is right around the corner, with almost zero pressure.

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  1. No need to rush Urias. Let him develop. As for Zach Lee, I bet he regrets not taking that LSU football scholarship. He seems more and more likely to be a career minor leaguer. Maybe the Dodgers can do with him what the Royals did with Luke Hochevar, another celebrated draft pick who couldn’t make it as a starter, and get Lee to the point where he’s a reasonably effective middle reliever.