Dodgers History Achieved By Cody Bellinger With Multi-HR Game in Philadelphia

Another record by the Dodgers third-year slugger…

It seems like every time Cody Bellinger hits a home run – or every few games in 2019 – history is being achieved. Therefore, Bellinger repeated the feat on Monday night in Philadelphia against the Phillies.

While you run it back with all of his first half bombs, Ryan Spaeder drops an interesting factoid for us. The franchise record for most home runs by a Dodgers’ player through FOUR season was 96. That is, until Cody Bellinger homered twice at Citizens Bank.

However, the most interesting part of all of it is what you quick ones out there already realize. Bellinger his just in his third season in the big leagues.

His second home run off a young man named Edrubay Ramos was his 97th home run of his career. Finally, here is that monstrous monstrous home run to center; so that we can all enjoy it for it’s historic purposes once more.

Of course, back when I was writing the Bellinger Bombs series; I was inspired by writer Sam Miller’s column. In that column, Miller asked the question ‘could Cody Bellinger break the all-time home run record’?

First, it seemed possible in that 2017 record-setting rookie season. Then, it became more in-jest during Bellinger’s sophomore campaign. Suddenly, it’s not that far-fetched.

At the very least, Bellinger has the opportunity to be etched in the Dodgers’ all-time record books. Barring something unforseen, he could own a pile of record when the dust settles.

And that’s why writing about him (and watching him) is so enjoyable. So much vast potential still untapped, such a high ceiling we may not know about. The magic of baseball unlocked with each new game, new week, and new month.

Certainly, we hope you’re soaking all of this in. The Dodgers’ young outfielder is in the midst of an all-time season that we should all talk about for many years to come.

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  1. Lost in all the Bellinger hoopla…………that games last nite………..first-and-third squeeze bunt — the double steal with Barnes stealing home plate — that’s the pld style hustle plays of past Dodger teams in their glory — I loved it! — If “Dave” managed like that everyday, imagine how tough to beat this team would be? Nice job last nite “Dave”.

  2. Nice to see Beatty back up with the big club where he belongs- Kershaw wriggle out of trouble, TWICE…….Everyone on the team making good hustle plays – Bellinger, Munce, Verdugo continue to rake – then seeing everyone contribute and work together – this win was a nice glimpse of what they are capable of. Great game fellas!

  3. As usual, great article. Realmuto is having another good year. Just think if the Marlins would have gotten their wish and traded him to us for Belli. And what about the earlier trade scenarios BEFORE Cody made it to the big club? I know there were a few. We would be missing one of the best offensive seasons in LA history. And with his Gold Glove defense??? As you say, Clint, we need to soak this in.

  4. Clint, I have followed the Dodgers since 1965, hence my ‘nick name’ here. I have never been as impressed with any single player in all this time, and I include Piazza, than I really am with Bellinger. Heck, he will end up with more HR’s this year against LHP as a lefty hitter than many players will hit in MLB for an entire season!!!!!!!!!!!

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