Dodgers Inexplicably Swept By the Lowly Pirates

When fans look ahead at schedules for the season, it’s not often that they circle the days that the Pirates come into town. Pittsburgh has been bad for a very long time, putting up 1 winning season over the course of the last 6 years. But maybe the Dodgers should have taken them more seriously. 

The Pirates came into town this week and tore through the powerhouse Dodgers. Their bats hit when they needed to and their pitching shut down what is supposed to be one of the best offenses in Major League Baseball. It was wild. 

Wednesday night was more of that. The Pirates put up a run in the 1st before being shut down for most of the game. But they added 7 runs against the Dodgers bullpen and earned the sweep in a big way. After the game, Dave Roberts spoke about what happened in the series loss and how they were outplayed by a team that’s not even really trying to win in 2022. 

“These guys played their tails off against us. I thought they outpitched us. Situationally, offensively, they were better than us. They made big plays on the defensive side that flipped innings and game situations so you’ve got to give them credit. I thought they did a great job. They really did. They were better than us all series. The results don’t lie.”

The truth is that the Dodgers played an embarrassing series against the Pirates. Maybe they did overlook a team that constantly has a losing record with no playoff hopes in the foreseeable future. But they’ve also struggled at times this year against very bad teams. 

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Whatever it is, they just have to move forward now. They’ll welcome the Mets into town tonight, one of the best teams in baseball. With a 4-game series on the line, they’ll have to bring their best game to beat them. 

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  1. In the 7th inning with a runner on first Alberto swung and fouled off ball four. A couple pitches later he hit into a double play. Difference? 1st and second no outs v no one on base and two outs…a prescription as to how to lose ball games

    Just one of several rally ending DPs

  2. Had to turn off the TV several times in the pirates series. Unwatchable. I know its a 162 games during the regular season, but we looked like GARBAGE. Our bullpen is a mess. We cant hit for squat with runners in scoring position. We miss Kershaw and Heaney. So far in 2022 we have had one of the EASIEST schedules to date in that we have only played 6 games against teams with a 500 record or better. Meanwhile, the Padres have been playing Milwaukee and St Louis. When we struggle against Colorado, the Phillies, and the Pirates I am concerned about how good this team really is. Well, we are about to find out. I think that this team better wake up, or the Mets are going to sweep us. I now officially have no confidence in the team. This season feels like 2021 all over again. I hope I am wrong.

  3. you did not expect it?? I do everytime they step on the have a total loser mangering them.. look already how many nothing teams have beat them…. and it will contuine..

    • A horrible series. Every weakness on this club was shown. Yes, the Pirates outplayed our club, but it seems sweeps like this don’t seem to shake Roberts up at all. I’m surprised his post game interview didn’t end with a one word summary…”whatever”…and a shrug.

  4. It all comes down to pitching. Arms used in this series just not of Dodger caliber. Need to look at this lack of effort before trade deadline. Entire staff (current) on the block.

  5. I agree with all the comments. However, before the season started, would you have been satisfied with a four game lead on the third of June? That translates into about a ten game lead at the end of the regular season. Not bad.

  6. Teams are always a reflection of their payroll. The reason this series was blown was because STILL, the dodgers haven’t found bench players that are worth a nickel. Alberto left what 5 on base? Memories of Mckinney and the 100 hitting bombers of last season that Dr Dave coddled. His new favorite, Alberto what a joke.