Dodgers Injury News: Corey Seager’s Next Steps in Recovery Outlined

Dave Roberts told the media Corey Seager will be heading out to Arizona to play before meeting back with the team.

Another injury update, but this is much more encouraging for fans. It looks like Dodgers’ shortstop Corey Seager has made some positive steps towards his recovery.

Before Saturday’s game, Dave Roberts spoke with the media and gave an update about Seager’s hand. It looks like he will be going to Camelback Ranch, in Arizona to play some games while the Dodgers make their way to San Francisco to play the Giants.

Corey Seager was placed on the 60-day injured list with a fracture in his right hand after getting hit by a pitch back in May.

Dave Roberts also mentions what he hopes to see after Seager comes back from Arizona.

Once we leave on Sunday he’s going to go out to Arizona and get in some games over there…and once he plays, then hopefully we can get him with us.

When talking about getting Seager back and activating him, Dave Roberts said:

Not much would make me happier.

Although there is still no timeline about when Seager will be back, this is the next step for him in his recovery. If he does well in Arizona, he could be back before you know it, Dodger fans.

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Written by Brenna White


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  1. What has taken so long? Why can’t these injured people speak for themselves instead of having Robert give false hope!. Frankly I can’t see the dodgers scoring any runs right now with or without Seager.

  2. Still seeming like Seager’s hand has been sore when he takes his swings. I think at this point, the Dodgers realize that it’s time to push ahead and see if Seager can play in games without residual soreness in his injured hand. However, although it’s sounding like Roberts is hopeful, he’s also not sure that Seager won’t experience some issues. It’s still a “wait and see” proposition.
    Let’s hope Seager doesn’t have any major issues in Arizona and can actually be activated to play.

  3. Can’t wait for Seags to come back and return back to form! After Mookie and Muncy return, the team will hopefully finally stabilize that championship offense that has been sputtering all season long! Looking forward to a stronger 2nd half!

  4. The Dodgers need to make sure that Seager feels at least close to 100 percent and that the Dodgers are fully concerned with his health.

  5. Here’s a thought. Seager has two months to audition for a $200 million plus pay day. Think Boras is in his ear saying we’re not playing through any little bit of discomfort? He didn’t break a leg for crying out loud. Two months?

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