Dodgers Injury Updates: Max Muncy Coming Back with Target Set

Just need them to come back healthy

The Dodgers have been struggling on offense and obviously, one of the main reasons is because they are missing two of their biggest bats in the lineups.

As most of you know, Max Muncy took a pitch off his right wrist versus the San Diego Padres and after three tests, it was determined that he had fractured that wrist. According to the original diagnosis, it would take about two weeks to heal and we’re about 10 days in and it looks like Max is on pace.

SportsNetLA just reported that Max Muncy will be coming back versus the Mets. With Gavin Lux helping Kiké and Gyorko at second right now, Max’s defense isn’t missed as much as his bat.

Let’s hope the wrist heals well enough for him to take those solid at bats that he’s been known for all season.

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    • happy Sunday, BLUE LOU from me and PD Jr. I am not sure Muncy should be rushed back however, because we certainly don’t want him to aggravate his wrist injury further by coming back or rushing too soon. And then there is a question of how it ultimately affects his timing and whether he would be able to drive the ball in the way he did before the injury. We may need max but we CERTAINLY need the rest of this offense to stop playing as lethargic as thy have been playing ever since the day after that 16 run game against the Jays.

  1. Regarding Access program games. Definitely don’t care for the blond that sat in after the SF game Saturday. Sorry I missed her name..Aine, maybe. I could not feel any spirit, demeanor, etc. for the team. Not a put down, just didn’t care for her personality along side the other two.
    Is she a replacement for Colletti?

    The color teams, prefer Oriel and Joe, in the booth are awesome as well as Lana!
    We bleed Dodger Blue.
    I enjoy this newsletter. (?) of Dodger Nation.

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