Dodgers: Joc Pederson and Family Travel to Texas With the Team

Dave Roberts expects Joc Pederson to be available.

Dodgers fans were beginning to wonder if they had seen Joc Pederson’s last at-bat this past week during the Wild Card. Joc is set to hit free agency in 2021, and many were unsure if he would be able to make the trip to Texas with the team.

Pederson has had to be away from the team for days at a time this year with an undisclosed family medical emergency. With the Dodgers heading to Texas for a neutral site Division Series matchup, there was speculation that he would not be on the roster. Dave Roberts quelled that speculation when he told reporters Sunday that Joc and family had made the trip.

The fact that Pederson’s family is with him is great for a lot of reasons. Obviously, we don’t want to speculate on what kept Joc away from the team, but we’re happy they are all here. Him being available also gives the Dodgers some flexibility to keep his bat on the bench for big spots. Joc has come up in pretty big spots during the playoffs in the past. 

Despite the down season he had with the Dodgers, playoff Joc has historically been an entirely different animal. Let’s hope that he can return to that form with his family supporting him along the way.

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  1. Roberts is an IDIOT. Plan and simple. You have this bat that can be used anywhere, as anDH, whatever, and you sit him. Proves Roberts stupidity using Jansen as he does. Just PURE INSANITY.

    • He has won the division every year he has been the manager of this team. I hope every manager the Dodgers ever have will be that much of an “IDIOT.” “Plan,” errr Plain and simple.