Dodgers: Joe Kelly and Dave Roberts Issued Massive Suspensions

MLB is going to continue to prove that it is one of the worst run professional leagues in the United States. In the wake of the Dodgers and Astros benches-clearing incident on Tuesday, Dave Roberts and Joe Kelly have been suspended. 

Kelly received an eight games suspension for his part in throwing at Alex Bregman as well as taunting Carlos Correa. In a very short season, that amounts to the equivalent of a 22-game suspension for the Dodger’ reliever. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts will receive a one-game ban handed down by MLB. He will begin serving that tonight by sitting out the game against the Astros. Bench coach Bob Geren will serve as the manager for tonight’s game in Houston. 

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly has received an eight-game suspension for his actions in the bottom of the sixth inning of Tuesday night’s game against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Kelly, who has previously been suspended in his career for intentional throwing, threw a pitch in the area of the head of Alex Bregman and layer taunted Carlos Correa, which led to the benches clearing. 

While Roberts has accepted the suspension, Kelly has decided that he will appeal the decision. Players are allowed to play games if their suspension has been appealed, per league policy. The Dodgers thus would be able to utilize him in the game tonight. 

The announcement comes just hours after Dave Roberts talked about possible suspensions and fines for the skirmish. Roberts felt that the league was very upset and was not sure if those suspensions were coming. Astros manager Dusty Baker was fined for the incident, and no players were suspended from Houston.

More to come on this as news continues to drop. 

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  1. Guess I missed something. Looked ne like the Astros showed up in front of the Dodger dugout. These suspensions without counterpart set downs is akin to finish/suspending the second guy throwing a punch in a football game getting flagged and the first guy who caused the actual confrontation getting a nono wag of the finger. Something seems bass ackwards there. So it continues that no Astro gets suspended no matter what. So now Manfred has set another standard don’t taunt or there be retaliation which will be justified no matter what and no fear of punishment other than the aforementioned wag of the finger from Manfred

  2. Told you Manfred protects cheaters. Manfredneed to be fired and replaced immediately see that tough response Were was that when the cheaters were caught red handed. What a Waste of commissioner baseball has

  3. You can cheat and still keep your championship and receive no suspensions or banishments but for this you get an 8 game suspension and also the manager somehow gets suspended a game. There needs to be more noise from players regarding Manfred, it’s the only way he’ll get tossed

  4. Keep going Dodgers, with beanball and attempt to bean against the ‘Stros. You, know if it was the other way around, Hous”tin” would make damn sure our players would be beaned to a oblivion.

  5. Oh, give me a break! The commissioner is showing his colors again. Giving favoritism to the hoodonit asterisks. Is the commish getting a kickback on this season’s champs too? Everyone could see kelly was really wild to start off, he could n’t buy a strike. then he stikes out this guy (Correa) no relation, and the batter starts crying and saying things to Kelly, so you tell me who started this whole fiasco? kelly was walking away when he heard some crap from the hoostin manure side of the field. So Kelly makes a couple of faces at the player, so what? What was it they use to say? Sticks & Stones, blah blah blah. Oh, go cry to your mommy. Just shut up like a man and sit down. Come on Dusty, don’t tell me you complained, yes I remember way back when we were growing up in the same town. You couldn’t have complained, could you?