Dodgers: Jomboy Breaks Down Will Smith v Will Smith At-Bat and it is Glorious

In one of the more exciting matchups this past postseason, catcher Will Smith of the Dodgers faced pitcher Will Smith of the Braves in a key moment of the NLCS. Obviously, the at-bat turned out to be phenomenal — especially for LA — but the hype around the fact that the two fellas shared the same name was perhaps a little overdone.

My own complaining aside, LA Will got the better of ATL Will, as we know, and the Dodgers rode the momentum of a Fresh Prince 3-run homer to come back from a 3-1 series deficit and ultimately win the World Series.

Now that all the stuff we remember is out of the way, we have a new and hilarious twist to this particular at-bat thanks to internet star Jomboy. Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien recently uploaded a break down of the matchup onto YouTube that is both can’t miss and somewhat not safe for work… yes, there is a language warning.


After the game, Will Dills Smith was asked about facing a player with the same name and was less than enthused about the question. However, the enthusiasm displayed by the Dodgers was absolutely palpable in a huge 7-3 come from behind win over the Braves.

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