Dodgers: Julio Urías Will Remain in the Starting Rotation For Now

There are a few things Dave Roberts would like to see in Julio to keep his spot.

Another night, and another reason to wonder why Tony Gonsolin doesn’t have a permanent spot in the Dodgers rotation. Julio Urías did not show up with his best stuff on Wednesday, leading to Dave Roberts leaning heavily on the bullpen. 

Urías managed to make it through just 1.2 innings of work before the Dodgers went to their solid relief team. Julio ended up throwing 52 pitches, with 33 of them for strikes. He missed the zone often and gave up pretty solid contact all night. All told, he was charged with just one earned run. 

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said that Julio will still be in the starting rotation. It’s not really clear at this time how short his leash will be for the rest of the season. 

The timing of it is sort of unfortunate for Urías, who under normal circumstances would be putting up decent numbers for a number four starter. His struggles just happen to be highlighted by the fact that the Dodgers optioned Tony Gonsolin on the same day. Gonsolin has thrown 14+ consecutive scoreless innings in 2020.

Whatever the case, Julio appears to have at least one more start to straighten things out. Attacking the strike zone has been something that Roberts has repeatedly said he wants to see out of him, and he will need to do just that. The Dodgers have been running a six-man starting rotation over the last week or so. 

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  1. I thought Roberts pulled him too early. Sure he wasn’t sharp and the first two batters of the inning got on but then he struck out the next two. He should have had another two innings in him – even at 52 pitches – and he was only down a run. As it turned out, the bullpen didn’t helped the next inning either.

    I was looking this morning to see if he got hurt to explain why he was pulled.

    • Yep. Roberts did pull him way too early. There was no reason not to let him pitch through it as long as he wasn’t injured. He only gave up one run. But the wizard pulled him, and put in Santana, who promptly gave up four runs. Nice job Dave!

      • I can’t see a president of baseball ops making in game decisions via phone for any team. This was Roberts, it was a decidedly questionable decision, and, unfortunately, he has established a track record for making decisions like this. I keep hoping his game management will catch up with his player and clubhouse management but I’m not seeing it. Come playoffs I fear his performance more than Kershaw’s.

    • I agree Roberts has no clue how to handle pitchers and never has. His handling of pitchers has cost us playoff and WS games.
      Urias is young and has a great arm and stuff. Let him find his way. It was early and he struck out two in a row and looked like he might get out of it. Why overwork the bullpen.
      Scioscia in 2021

      • Scioscia? Ha Ha Ha! Like he was great with the angels. Besides, he backstabbed the Dodgers. he got a little training in coaching from the Dodgers and he thought he was good enough to be a dodger manager, sure he was turned down, he wasn’t ready. I saw the interview when he became the angel manager, he really put down the Dodger organization. I was shocked after all the Dodgers did for him.

        • The Dodgers weren’t the Dodgers at that time everything he said about them was justified. Mike would’ve been the right call at that time with LaSorda gone and others failing after him. You promote from within like they did with Lasorda after Alston. The Angels saw something in him how could the Dodgers not when he was in their system. Btw he wasn’t a bad manager he won a World Series after all that’s more than any dodger manager has done in 31 years. Even followed it up with several playoff appearances

  2. I think Doc is just keeping Gonsolin down so he doesn’t beat Bulldog’s record!! Seriously, it is too early to pull the plug on Urias. Remember this is supposed to be the year to see if he turns out to be the pitcher Dodgers have expected of him since 2012 (eight years!). I guess we should be happy that the Dodgers have so many good young pitchers.

  3. Thought he was hurt that’s why he took him out. I guess I was wrong! Maybe, Roberts was show ping him he wasn’t happy and he better get it together! I am not a big fan of Santana, he must have a rubber arm. He always seems to get into trouble.Again, if we don’t hit HRs we don’t score. Bellinger looks lost!

  4. You keep Urias and send Gonsolin packing? Who the hell is making these decisions. Gonsolin and May are two of the Dodger pitchers who are pitching with heart and fire in their souls and you send one packing? So F*n stupid. And what is with every Dodger taking every first pitch? 99% are a called strike. Start beating the strings outta those dang ball dammit.

  5. Strip Tease is the one who should be sent down or Santana. By sending Tony down you risk him being discouraged or even angry enough to want to become a free agent or traded or unwilling to sign a new contract in the future. Stripling has proved to be too inconsistent which is why he was almost traded to the Angels. Quit screwing around with Tony.

  6. What’s up? I just mentioned yesterday how backward this Dodger management seemed. Are the head Hancho’s sticking their little fingers where they don’t belong? Do they want to win games or do they want to give these high priced players that can’t do the job right more time to show it’s not working? Why? They drop down, let go guys that are playing their hearts out and doing good, and keeping the ones that aren’t, what’s with that? Go Dodgers!

  7. You guys all think they send Gonsolin down wo a plan? You think they send him down and he isn’t clued in and then gets dissapointed?
    If so you haven’t been paying attn the last few years. The players know the plan. AF is great at roster shuffling, getting guys in when they need them. I could try and guess at a couple plans they have in sending him down but AF is always a few steps ahead of us geniuses so I’ll just watch and learn.
    I am starting to have some doubts about Roberts tho.