Dodgers: Justin Turner Disagress With Dave Roberts’ Comments This Weekend

What a disastrous weekend for the Dodgers in San Francisco. They went up north to face the Giants and got swept out of the Bay Area in embarrassing fashion. They also lost Walker Buehler, likely until the last month of the year. It was just bad.

So bad that Dave Roberts finally said something about it. He voiced his frustration before the game on Sunday, saying that guys were maybe focused on their own at-bats too much rather than the team winning their ballgames.

But not everyone agrees with him on that, and that includes Justin Turner. The Dodgers’ default team captain spoke about that on Sunday, and it sounds like he doesn’t think the team is doing anything differently than they have all season. (quotes via Juan Toribio)

“I don’t know what that means. I don’t think we’re doing anything differently. Go out and you set the table and try to come up with a big hit and just didn’t. … We’ve done a good job of setting the table. We just haven’t been able to get that big hit to unplug this.”

Whatever the case may be, having a disconnect from manager to a player like this isn’t exactly ideal. But the Dodgers third baseman obviously doesn’t entirely agree with Roberts’ viewpoint of it all. It’s been an incredibly frustrating week, so it’s not surprising to see some of that boil over, if you can even call this that.

The Dodgers will take on the Angels this week for a 2-game series before the Guardians come into town. Taking 2 against Anaheim would be a great way to right the ship. Coming off of a ridiculous losing streak, the Angels took just 1 of 3 from the Mets over the weekend.

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