Dodgers: Justin Turner Poses in Front of a Trash Can in Houston

The Dodgers are in Houston to play 2 games against the Astros this week. Given the history between the 2 teams, all eyes in baseball are on Houston to watch them go at it for a very brief series. 

As it turns out, Dodgers fans didn’t have to wait long for the drama to start. Austin Barnes already gave his thoughts on being back in Houston and how he won’t ever forget what the Astros did. But that wasn’t all. 

Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner posted this picture on Instagram hours before the game. At first glance, it looks pretty harmless. But then you realize he’s posing in front of a trash can, and you can’t help but think it was posted with purpose. Especially reading into the caption. 

Did JT mean it as a slight against the Astros? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s still fun to imagine the Dodgers infielder taking a shot at the Houston Cheaters. First-pitch tonight is at 5:10 Los Angeles time with Clayton Kershaw on the mound. He goes up against Astros pitcher Zack Greinke. 

Dodgers Fan Makes Epic Video of Houston Astros Cheating Scandal

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  1. Houston Trashtros. Dodgers can hold their heads up and know Houston cheated and are not deserving of a trophy or rings. (shame on you Manfred) If their fans condoned it, then they deserve to be abused, as well.

  2. You think petty play on words of your pathetic writer and insignificant Instagram postings will somehow contribute a slight to Our Houston Astro’s-you are sadly mistaken. Stop with your hypocrisy as your team has committed cheating in some form or another. Your holier than thou wreaks with envy as “cans” in your dialogue that fall on deaf ears here in Houston. I will want wish your team the best, but please stop whining like a flamingo with Broken leg.

    • Your morally pathetic team cost LA a well deserved WS title.the proof was in kershaws performance in LA and in cheating Housto.look it up if you can read, kershaw dominated the cheaters in LA and got beat when hr had to face the pathetic batters who needed to know what was coming
      If you ever played baseball you’d know that when a batter knows what pitch is on the way it’s BP