Dodgers: Justin Turner Reacts to Derek Jeter Leaving Miami Marlins

The biggest baseball news of the day from Jupiter, Florida might not have anything to do with the ongoing CBA negotiations. On Monday, Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter announced that he’s “ending” his relationship with the Miami Marlins franchise. Until today, Jeter had served as the team’s CEO and was also a shareholder.

Jeter leaving the Marlins generated plenty of reactions from current MLB players, including Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner.

Turner’s take is based on Jeter stating that the “vision” for the franchise has altered from the one that first lured him to the Marlins organization.

The integrity of competition has been front and center during the bargaining sessions between MLB and the MLBPA. Jeter’s departure from the Marlins is a horrible look if it was indeed because principal owner Bruce Sherman was unwilling to invest additional capital into the Marlins roster.

Justin Turner stated in January that players are fed up with owners intentionally fielding non-competitive teams.

“At the end of the day, we just want competition. We want 30 teams that go out and try to win a championship. Hopefully, we’re making some progress in that department.”

Jeter leaving the Marlins provides a very high-profile example of a small market MLB owner intentionally not building the best major league roster possible.

The MLBPA shouldn’t have to explain their concerns over the competitive integrity of baseball to the league.

All the MLBPA needs to do is just point across the parking lot to Jeter’s now empty parking spot in front of the Marlins facility. 

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