Dodgers: Justin Turner Says He Has a ‘Man Crush’ on Trea Turner’s Slides

In the Trea Turner era, the Dodgers are 11-1 and closing in on the first place San Francisco Giants in NL West. While he hasn’t been the sole reason why LA has taken off in August, he’s certainly played a starring role. Simply put, he’s been a game changer.

But it’s not all about the results on the field. There’s also a dynamic he’s added to the clubhouse. Quickly the new Turner has been welcomed with open arms by his new teammates. An already loose clubhouse stayed loose but added an edge with one of the best 5-tool players in the game.

Power (which we haven’t seen as much just yet)
The arm
And the wheels

The speed of Trea Turner has already made headlines around baseball. And while the Washington fanbase may have known all about the speed and prowess in sliding, that latter point caught the admiration of Trea’s Turner counterpart.

Justin Turner joined MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” this week where he was asked about his new teammate’s viral slide.

“I could watch him slide all day, Justin Turner said. “I have a man-crush on his slides.”

JT shared the story of the moment he realized just how good Trea is at sliding.

I told him his very first game [at Dodger Stadium] — [Max] Muncy hit a ball to center and Brandon Marsh ran it down, made a nice catch against the wall, and Trea had to scramble back and he slid head first into first and I was on deck just watching it and it reminded me of the Angels in the Outfield slide. I swear he slid, like, 80 feet.

Here’s a look at the slide JT is talking about.

Wheels, slides, man-crushes, and 11 wins in 12 Trea Turner starts. The Dodgers won the trade deadline.

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Written by Clint Pasillas

Clint is the lead editor of Dodgers Nation, and a host and analyst on Dodgers Nation's own Blue Heaven podcast live stream.

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  1. Let’s face it, Trea Turner has the smoothest slide, so who in MLB wouldn’t have a “mancrush” on that? At least, JT can admit his feelings about it.

  2. Years ago i remember the grounds crew in San Francisco watering down the area around first base to slow down Maury Wills from stealing bases, the wet ground did 2 things , less traction and bogged him down. Why is it Trea Turner goes head first back into first base and comes up soaking wet? The dodgers ground crew is counter productive to what Turner is trying to do , is Roberts ordering they soak the area around first base to keep Turner from embarrassing him and his anti Little ball concept?

  3. Trea Turner is biggest reason the Dodgers are winning one run games , and on a big time winning streak. He’s an all around great ball player. He does everything well. He is giving the Dodgers the same kind of lift that Mookie gave them last year, that put them over the top. That’s not a dig at Mookie or any other Dodger. But T Turner is making the game competitive and fun for everyone. And that attitude is contagious. We’re going to the WS. And we’re going to win it all again.

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