Dodgers: Justin Turner Says He is Returning to Los Angeles

A social media post from JT says that he is here to stay.

Dodgers fans waiting for Justin Turner to make a decision may finally have some peace. The veteran third baseman was reportedly involved with more teams this offseason, but that had whittled down to just two as of this weekend.

The latest post from Justin Turner himself says that he is returning to the Dodgers. JT posted a picture of himself with a comment that said “run it back” along with tagging the team in it. That would seem to suggest that there is indeed a deal in place. 

The Dodgers have not yet confirmed the signing, and no national media teams have run with the story yet. But regardless, it sounds like JT is here to stay. We’ll keep you updated as details being to emerge on the signing. 

The Milwaukee Brewers were one team that was reported to be interested in Turner, despite the appearance that there was not room in the infield. One source suggested that the Brewers could be interested in keeping him for a longer period of time, holding out hope for the DH. But the Dodgers get their man, and we can all sleep soundly tonight. 

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UPDATE: The latest report from ESPN’s Jeff Passan is that Turner is getting a 2-year deal north of $30 million. This is still developing. 

And Turner himself added to the hype of his return.

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    • He’ll miss some games. Rios and some new guys will get some playing time at third with no pressure to lock it down. But most important, JT, who is essentially a player/coach, will always be present and have an impact on day to day business on and off the field. He will produce as a starting 3rd basemen and he will be integral to the development of young players. That is worth investing in. What’s really too bad is there are not more owners who make that investment. To many teams crying poor when they are not. LA invests. That is a good thing.

    • Robin my first thought is of course, WELCOME HOME JT. Now keep in mind that it may be games he misses that are not necessarily due to injury, but will miss games because of no DH. He obviously won’t start all 162 but if we had a DH in 2021, he could get his legs a break and be off his feet except when his spot as Dh would come up.

  1. In college football recruiting there is a term call “silent commitment.”refers to a comitment between the school in which the athlete pledges to the football team and university before national signing so the recruiters know exactly where they stand. Anyone think Turner had a silent comitment with the dodges this whole timer unless some crazy deal came in?