Dodgers: Justin Turner Sends a Special Message to a Fan With Terminal Cancer

After a Dodgers loss and fan frustrations, it’s always a good time for a heartwarming story. That’s what we got out of Justin Turner this week in an interaction with a fan.

What started out as a Twitter post asking the Dodgers world for a shoutout from JT ended in a personal message. Justin’s friend Derek who is suffering from terminal cancer that has given him very little time left is apparently a really bug RedTurn2 fan. So Justin helped him out and sent out the word on social media.

Justin Turner’s response will make you smile from ear to ear. 

Hey Derek, Justin Turner here from the Dodgers. Just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for all of the love and support. I want you to know that I’m thinking about you and praying for you. My wife is thinking about you and praying for you. I want you to continue to stay strong, keep your head up, and keep cheering on us Dodgers on the field man. We appreciate it, we feel your support, and we love you bro. 

Turner is well known among the Dodgers’ faithful for always being active within the community. But this personal message at a time when all of his attention is on baseball was the best thing to see.

Thank you Justin Turner for all that you do, and we will all be thinking about you Derek! 

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  1. Good ball players can be bought. Good men, like Justin, are made. Thank you J. T. …..I will pray for you and your family and for your friend Derek. And, as always, I will cheer for our Dodgers.