Dodgers Justin Turner Sticks Up for Opposing Pitcher After Getting Hit By Ball

You don’t see this every day!

The Dodgers were in the middle of demolishing the Philadelphia Phillies with Cody Bellinger hitting his 33rd of the season and Max Muncy backing him up with a home run right after.

Up comes Justin Turner and on the first pitch, a breaking ball that catches JT on the inner part of his right leg. Home plate umpire Doug Eddings quickly reacts and tosses Yacksel Rios out of the game, which caused quite the scene on the field.

Of course, you would expect Phillies manager, Gabe Kapler, to come out and argue, but the one argument you probably didn’t see coming was from Justin Turner himself.

What’s not included in the video is Justin Turner talking with Phillies first baseman, Rhys Hoskins, and clearly saying “It was a [expletive] breaking ball!” which most fans would agree isn’t exactly the type of pitch to send a message to the opposing team.

Kapler was even trying to get JT to come over and help him argue against Eddings. It was that kind of night for the Phillies.

Maybe Eddings was trying to save the Phillies and get Rios out of there?

No matter, the Dodgers destroyed the Phillies 16-2!

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  1. What happened last nite after Turner was hit did not surprise me one bit…….Doug Eddings is one of those egotistical manic umpires………he has always let his emotions get in the way of being a good umpire……….wide plates and wider mouth. There is no way they were trying to hurt Turner……….

    • Bluz1st, you are correct, however over all Dodgers are getting hit by pitches far far too much for my liking and Orel has touched on this subject on a few occasions. My concern now is that we have lost a currently hot hitter in Taylor because a Boston pitcher couldn’t control his pitches, and we have lost CT 3 for about 6 weeks.

      • Instead of implementing a brand new rule, why not someone in the commissioner’s office (along with a Baseball Umpire Union Rep) sit some of these prima donna umps and go back to how these things were done for a 100 years previous to all these modern era rules; that’s the problem!

        • Sadly, the umpire’s union is as strong as they come. They is why they are doing such a HORRFIC job this year (before robot balls/strikes starts next year). Nothing can be done to (black)n blue idtiots behind the plate.

      • I’m tired of our guys getting hit, period. I don’t care if it wasn’t intentional, toss him. Last straw was CT3 for me,…and if JTurn gets hit again without a retaliatory measure, I’m going to send Robert’s a stocking filled with coal for the holidays.

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