Dodgers: Keibert Ruiz Open to Playing New Positions to Get Playing Time

Can you see Keibert anywhere else besides behind the plate?

The Dodgers are in a little bit of an odd situation with Keibert Ruiz. The top prospect is still young at almost 23 years old, but his path to consistent MLB playing time isn’t very clear at all. In fact, he’s pretty blocked for the next few years. 

The Dodgers signed Austin Barnes to a 2-year deal this offseason to avoid an arbitration hearing. With Will Smith set to be behind the plate the majority of the time, Ruiz is completely blocked for the next few years. 

With that in mind, Keibert was asked about the possibility of playing different positions. The young backstop said that he would be open to playing in the outfield and even mentioned the possibility of first base. For now, the Dodgers haven’t tried him out anywhere else. 

Dave Roberts surprisingly said that he could also see Ruiz at first base down the line, but that’s not in the plan right now. 

I’m not surprised he said he would play anywhere on the field. He’s a baseball player. I think if anywhere else, I could see him potentially at that first base but we haven’t got to that point. We have some other guys that can play first base but it doesn’t surprise me his openness. 

The Dodgers could definitely use a jolt on offense, and Keibert has proven that he can swing it. He homered in his first plate appearance of the year and has just 2 more appearances since then. Again, the biggest struggle has been finding him opportunities.  

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Keibert is probably closer to MLB-ready than any other prospect in the organization. They might have to start getting creative with him soon. 

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Written by Brook Smith

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  1. Kid’s got an arm. He couldn’t be any worse than most of the current bullpen. It worked for Jansen.

  2. I wonder if they’re thinking of Ruiz at first, Muncy at second and Lux at SS, if they can’t resign Corey.

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