Dodgers: League Rule Change Has Major Ramifications for LA

Rule changes were a major flavor of last week’s MLB news. Larger bases, pitch clocks, banning the shift, and limiting minor league options were all talking points in the CBA negotiations. What did not receive as much publicity was the league changing the timeframes for short-term injury list pitchers. The change could have a big affect on how the Dodgers maneuver their roster throughout the season.

The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler provided the information that might have been buried during a chaotic free agency weekend.

Of course, the change affects every MLB club, not just the Dodgers. Even so, the Dodgers have made a living out of manipulating the short-term injury list to the benefit of their starting staff.

Over the last several seasons, the LA front office has used the 10-day IL to give starters extra rest and reduce some starters’ overall workload. Perpetually jockeying a handful of Triple-A pitchers between the minors and the Dodgers has been the calling card of the front office. They took full advantage of the old rules.

Now, it’s a little more difficult with the rule change.

As Adler mentions, the IL rule change, coupled with limiting how many times a player can be optioned in a season, will drastically alter how the Dodgers do business this season.

The “Cohen Tax” was a major piece of the new CBA. The Friedman rule wasn’t as popular in the news cycle, but will also have a deep effect on the Dodgers this year.

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