Dodgers’ Legend Vin Scully On The Fans, What Happened In Game 2, And More

Before Game 2 of the World Series, Vin Scully stepped out onto the mound and spoke with the crowd. The stadium assumed that he was going to throw the first pitch, but instead he called upon Fernando Valenzuela to take care of it, with Steve Yeager behind the plate.

Afterwards, Vin Scully did this:

The moment was absolutely beautiful and will be remembered and cherished by Dodger fans for a very long time.

On Thursday, The Petros and Money Show had Vin Scully on to promote the Paralyzed Veterans of America and The Distinguished Speakers Series at the Pasadena Civic. Below are some of the highlights!

Vin Scully on the pre-game ceremony and the feeling of electricity from the crowd:

I was honored to be involved and I was touched, certainly by the crowd… I don’t expect to be back out on the field or do anything like that ever again. So it was a remarkable conclusion to a career, I think.

I remember talking to Sandy Koufax before the evening and I said “I guarantee you when I say I need a left-hander, 95% of the people in the ball park are going to think it’s going to be you,” and he said, “Not me. I’ve done being on the field.” and I said, “So have I after tonight.”

I don’t mean to use it as some egotistical moment, I’m just saying really that I’ve been there since the ballpark opened and that’s as aloud a noise I believe that I’ve ever heard… It was overwhelming… I will never forget it. It will stay inside my head longer than almost anything I’ve ever had to stay inside my head.

Vin Scully on what it’s been like not calling games anymore:

When last year began, I really knew in my heart that that should be my last year. And when it finished, there was that remarkable feeling of gratitude to everyone involved. There was really no sadness because I knew in my heart that it was time… The fact that after all the years of separation and being away that I can be by Sandy’s side, I could not be happier to be honest.

Vin Scully on what hurt the Dodgers in Game 2 of the World Series and the changing game of baseball:

The game has changed dramatically, whether it’s the numbers that they’ve worked out, the analytics that have moved int0 the ball game… One of the things that probably hurt the Dodgers, but I don’t know anything about it, was Rich Hill went four. Now, if anyone knows Rich Hill and his stuff it would be the Dodger pitching coach and Dave and everybody else. and for a reason that I’m sure is very quality driven, they took him out after four. And that gets you into the bullpen a little early, so that at the tail-end of it, all of a sudden, they have Josh Fields and they also had Brandon McCarthy and neither one had pitched well or recently, and so they lost the game. But that’s the way the game is played today. You almost live or die with your bullpen.

Vin Scully on Clayton Kershaw’s work-ethic and his start on Tuesday:

He is probably the hardest working man on the team. So you know, when he’s going out to the mound, he’s at him maximum best health-wise, strength-wise, and his mind as well as to what he wants to do… I think Clayton is so intelligent that he will use the pressure to drive him that extra yard, so to speak. And I just had the feeling, when he went to the mound the other night, that he was completely dedicated, like an arrow flying through the air to the target.

Now these are just the highlights, so do yourself a favor and check out the full interview here!

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