Dodgers: Loud and Hostile Crowd has Justin Turner Excited to Play Padres in 2021

The Dodgers finally might have some competition in the National League West this season. After years of dominance — let’s admit that game 163 in 2018 happened in part because they started out like absolute trash — in the division, another team stepped up in the short season last year.

And now, after loading up in the offseason, the San Diego Padres are looking to step up from annoying little brother to a real contender.

Combined with the fact that fans were unable to watch games in person last season, this season is shaping up to be a real potential blood bath among the two franchises. Moreover, after getting his first taste of it this spring, Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner already noted how much he’s looking forward to the rowdy crowds.

We were over in Peoria playing the Padres and it was pretty loud and pretty hostile. I think those 19 games are going to be pretty intense this year. Those San Diego fans were pretty rowdy the other day.

LA visited San Diego at Peoria Sports Complex and played to a 4-4 tie in their last match-up of the spring season. The next time these two teams faceoff will be for real. The first series is set for April 16-18, with the Dodgers visiting the Padres at Petco Park — usually known as Dodger Stadium South. However, the San Diego front office is doing what it can to keep Dodgers fans out of their ballpark…

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Thankfully, more than 11,000 fans will be allowed in at Dodger Stadium the next weekend as the Dodgers welcome the Padres for four games April 22-25.

For 19 times in 2021, these two ballclubs and fan bases will faceoff against one another… and it’s gonna be frustratingly annoying a blast.

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Written by Clint Pasillas

Clint is the lead editor of Dodgers Nation, and a host and analyst on Dodgers Nation's own Blue Heaven podcast live stream.

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