Dodgers: Luke Raley Named Triple-A West Player of the Week

Luke Raley did not have the success that many Dodgers fans were hoping for when he got his big league shot. With all of the injuries Los Angeles has suffered through in 2021, Raley got his chance with 50 plate appearances. It didn’t go well. 

Raley slashed .182/.280/.273 in his brief stints with the Dodgers. He also struck out 16 times in 44 at-bats and did not showcase the offensive prowess that has made him a threat at the minor league level. 

But the good news is that Raley is thriving at Triple-A. He’s currently slashing .378/.440/.867 with a ridiculous 1.307 with the OKC Dodgers. He also took home Triple-A West Player of the Week honors for his contributions to the team the past 7 days.

Raley knocked in a jaw-dropping 19 runs over his last 4 starts with Oklahoma City. Since the Dodgers sent him back to Triple-A on May 21st, Raley is 13-for-32 with 21 runs driven in and 5 homeruns. That includes a 3-homer game this past week.

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If Raley can get that success to carry over to the big leagues, he would be a huge addition to the Dodgers long-term. But now it’s just a matter of making all of those pieces come together. He’s been tough to watch against MLB pitching, but he may just need a runway to get going. 

The Dodgers could also consider taking advantage of this hot streak and moving him at the trade deadline for an arm. They could always use more pitching in Los Angeles. 

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  1. Sadly he can’t do it at the major league level. Maybe we can package him and some others and get a shut down closer and a RH bat that we’ve been trying to get for years now.