Dodgers Made A 2-Year Offer to Free Agent Marcell Ozuna

Despite signing Bauer, the Dodgers were still in on Ozuna.

The Dodgers just got done signing Trevor Bauer to a massive deal worth over $100 million. And while that signing has not been made official, fans are already thinking ahead to what the next move might be. 

The Dodgers’ payroll sits right around $240 million, which is way beyond the limit for the Luxury Tax. The easy option is to shed salary by trading away some of their heavier contracts, potentially including David Price. But this far past the CBT, Los Angeles could potentially go all in. 

One indication of that might be their interest in Marcell Ozuna. Before inking a deal with the Braves for 4 years, the Dodgers reportedly made Ozuna an offer for 2 years. The right-handed slugger eventually got $64 million for an average of $16 million per year. 

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The interest in Ozuna sort of clouds up the current situation with Justin Turner. Without the Universal DH, would Ozuna take over in left field? And if that is the case, perhaps the Dodgers would have looked at moving Pollock and his team-friendly contract after a good season. 

Regardless, the fact that the Dodgers made an offer to Ozuna is telling. It says that they are not afraid to spend money just a season after winning their first World Series since 1988. It also says that Andrew Friedman is looking to dominate now and in the long-term. 

The Dodgers’ interest in Ozuna dates back to early in January when the universal DH seemed like a possibility. Nelson Cruz was another big name DH type that was linked to Los Angeles, but he signed with Minnesota. 

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  1. Without a DH it is hard to justify signing Ozuna. Paying that type of salary for a bench player is a little crazy.
    Of course, signing Bauer for 3 years and 102 Million is beyond crazy. If the Dodgers had that type of money to throw around why not sign LeMahieu? Dodgers need a right-handed contact hitter with some power.

      • I don’t think that’s really the issue…in fact, it seems like both groups want the universal DH. We all know MLB wants it because it’s part of what they proposed to the Player’s Association. And the PA only rejected the offer because they supposedly don’t want expanded playoffs, which is the other part of this package deal that MLB offered.

  2. No regrets losing offer to Osuna, he got 4 yrs good for him, but 2 yrs too many for Dodger plans. I think JT returns to L.A., both sides are running out of options 🙂

  3. Utility man Taylor is all we have left for the OF after the starters. Bellinger’s condition is uncertain and there is a good chance Pollock will miss some time,

  4. Why does every reporter think the Dodgers are trading Price or Pollock? I realize they are just putting out their best guess but this is ridiculous. I also expect dodgers to keep both players and sign Jason Turner to 2-year contract with a club option for the third year.