Dodgers Make No Moves at the MLB Trade Deadline

The deadline came and went, but the Dodgers roster did not change.

Major League Baseball’s trade deadline came and went without the Dodgers making any moves. Los Angeles was expected to stand firm on their already loaded roster, and it appears that is exactly what they did. 

The Dodgers were reportedly talking with the Rangers about acquiring RHP Lance Lynn in the hours leading up to the deadline. It was later reported that the asking price for him was too high, and instead LA will go with the starters they already have. And that’s probably for the best given the unpredictable nature of starting pitchers. 

The Dodgers were also expected to deal from their ridiculous depth in order to acquire future talent. They have a few guys that will be entering free agency next year, but apparently they will stick with them as well. Joc Pederson likely could have been traded had he not hurt his value so badly this year. The team DID, however, send Ross Stripling out to the Blue Jays.

Regardless, the Dodgers are 26-10 and sit 5 games above San Diego in the NL West. The Padres went all out at the deadline, acquiring guys like Austin Nola and Mike Clevinger. But that still doesn’t change the fact that their starting rotation is struggling, and the Dodgers’ bats aren’t going anywhere. 

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  1. Lots of teams are pretty scary now I’d say with how the playoff format is set up in the early rounds that we’re all on even ground despite our record. Should’ve at least gotten Lynn as legitimate insurance in the event some of our pitchers don’t pan out under pressure

  2. In a short series, Kershaw, Buehler and May should be as good as anyone out there. Let’s hope Robert’s doesnt blow it again. Anybody out there think that this is a do or die season for Robert’s besides me?