Dodgers’ Manager Dave Roberts Comments On Struggling Pedro Baez

The Dodgers have one of the most dominant bullpens in the National League this season.

According to statistics provided by RotoGrinders, the bullpen leads the MLB in total innings pitched (509.2), has 47 saves, and a 26.1 strikeout percentage.

The usage may seem concerning, but it shows how much Dave Roberts believes in his stable of strong arms throughout the season. The Dodger bullpen has also been a lot better than last year’s and gives Roberts plenty of options down the stretch in close ball games.

Kenley Jansen is the best closer in baseball, but the concern has usually been about the relievers. The Dodgers front office has quietly addressed issues throughout the year and it’s paid off.

There was a lot of humidity in the air at Chavez Ravine yesterday, but the Orange County Register’s Bill Plunkett stated something that’s become very clear:

Pedro Baez gave up 4 hits and 4 earned runs on Monday night against Arizona. Though not remarkable, he has shown that he can be efficient at times this season.

Baez has appeared in 57 games and accumulated 22 holds. He’s got 52 strikeouts compared to 22 walks thanks to his four-seam fastball. 65% of his pitches are strikes, and he’s really lethal on the right side of the plate.

The four-seam fastball (97 mph) is higher than the league average, and he throws his best stuff against right handers or when bases are empty at the top of an inning. He responds to pressure well, and can get out of a jam with runners in scoring position.

In 10.2 innings during the month of July, Baez only gave 2 earned runs. In another 10.2 innings during the month of August, that doubled to 4 earned runs. Now, with just .1 innings during the month of September, he has accumulated 5 earned runs.

2017 seemed to begin as a career year for Baez, but it isn’t even over yet. Hopefully he can rebound from this recent hiccup and capitalize on the numerous chances he’ll receive during relief appearances. The Dodgers will definitely need that boost from the bullpen that wasn’t there last postseason.

Do you trust Baez in high-leverage situations? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • He failed at the wrong time last year and he is doing it again this year. Dear Dave please just use him in mop up situations not when the game is on the line go Blue

  1. I am sorry but I do not feel confident in Pedro in tough situations. He gives up big hits at worst times and puts to many runners on base. Honest evaluation, not loyal support needed. Fields also gives up way too many big hits or walks in tough situations. Data is great, but the eyes don’t always lie either. Also, many hitters, particularly Forsythe, way too passive at the plate.

  2. Baez and Fields give up big hits and walks way too often in critical situations. Forsythia way too passive hitter and looks at the best opportunity pitches too often too. I believe in supporting players but honest evaluation of performance important as well!

  3. everything might look good on paper but in reality he has nothing on that fastball right now he’s been erratic of late I wouldn’t put them in a in a tight situation I just can’t trust Pedro Baez anymore.

  4. Last night’s game was on Dave Roberts! Why not pinch hit for Ryu with a runner on third? Then bringing in Baez for the 10th with at least 7 other arms available is confusing. He should have brought in Watson after having him warm up in the 7th. This is how you loose a lead and possibly the entire season. Dave Roberts has made the Diamondbacks relevant in September!!

  5. Baez did terrible last season and it looked like he was making a come back but has failed in the past couple months. I don’t have any trust in him. Same thing happened with League and Dodgers let him go.

  6. Baez gives up big hits when we need him most. I appreciateRoberts defense of him, but the reality is…. he either walks guys or gives up big hits ! Definitely not the guy when game is on the line. Same goes with Fields.

  7. Our experienced baseball broadcasters comment that Baez does not appear to pitch with the confidence and conviction necessary to be a successful relief pitcher. So, if these observations from expert sources do not support this troubled relief pitcher’s current success, then Roberts should not be convinced by mere words. With our chances for an elusive championship in the balance, the Dodger manager must only give confidence to positive action from Pedro Baez. I say bring him along “with baby steps” and let him prove himself without the toxic effect to team morale and increased losses to absorb.

  8. Baez I see awful. He cannot be trusted. He should not be trusted in any high leverage situations. There are too many other guys that should get the call to him.

    A 65% strike rate sounds awful to me. He walks way too many guys.

  9. Baez is predictable, and gets hammered because of it. Last year he threw what looked like a very flat fastball and hitters teed off on him, this year I see more movement on the ball but most good hitters know what’s coming. Arizona is probably the best playing team in the league right now, but I believe Roberts will put together the right combiniation of players, exclude Baez, that should dominate in the playoffs.

  10. Baez is unreliable and should not be on the playoff roster. Once again, too many walks and home runs. He stinks.

  11. That strikeout to walk ratio is not good or acceptable for a Dodger set-up man! He is the same pitcher he was last season! Yes, he can throw 97 to 98 mph but they are timing it. If he is going to be their set-up man then by the time Roberts apparently figures it out Arizona will be moving on and the Dodgers going home. It’s maddening!

  12. That strikeout to walk ratio is not good or acceptable for a Dodger set-up man! He is the same pitcher he was last season! Yes, he can throw 97 to 98 mph but they are timing it and killing it. If he is going to be their set-up man then by the time Roberts figures it out Arizona will be moving on and the Dodgers going home. It’s maddening!

  13. I cringe every time Baez comes in to pitch. I have seem him pitch well but it seems to me he’s given away to many games to be trusted.

  14. Seems to be the same-o-same as last. No confidence at all just throws hard with any regard to who he’s pitching to. Always pussy footed by Roberts. Get f*ing pissed at the bullpen, don’t just say it’s alright. B.S.

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