Dodgers: Matt Beaty Opens Up On Frustrations Over Being DFA’d

New opportunities for Matt make it easier.

The writing had been on the walls for Matt Beaty for quite some time. As successful as a hitter as he was at the minor league level, the Dodgers never really had the room on their roster to get him reps. Add in the fact that Edwin Rios is basically the power-hitting version of Beaty, and it was clear he wasn’t sticking around for long. 

But Beaty spent 3 seasons in the big leagues playing with the Dodgers. That resulted in a combined 556 plate appearances, with a decent chunk of those coming off of the bench. That was his role for Dave Roberts, no matter how well he played. 

So when the Dodgers went out and got Freddie Freeman in Spring, Matt knew his days were numbered. He opened up to the San Diego Tribune about it this week, talking about how frustrating it was and how he knew he would have another opportunity, 

“It sucks getting DFA’d, whenever that happens, but I think the body of work the last three years, I expected teams would want to pick me up. I knew it wasn’t the end for me. It was a little frustrating, but it was also exciting for a new chapter coming. I knew there was going to be a better opportunity to get more at-bats and play a little bit more.”

The Dodgers head down to San Diego for a 3-game series against the Padres tonight. And if Beaty does get into one of these games, he will have to go up against a lot of guys that he came up through the system with. That includes Will Smith behind the plate. 

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“That will be weird, coming up to the plate and Smitty’s there. We golf a lot in the offseason. I’m sure I’ll joke with him to throw me some fastballs, to lighten the mood. But when you’re between the lines, you’re kind of enemies.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out, and you just know that Beaty will want to perform against his old team. But if there is good news, it’s that the Dodgers know how to pitch to The Hitman. 

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  1. There’s a difference of being on a good roster that had 4 guys hitting 150, and losing the division, because the Manager had a huge erectile for the player. Beaty was treated like trash by the dodgers. I’m sure it will come back to bite us, eventually. Truth and what’s right seem to play out in the baseball world, ask Pedro martinez, Adrian Beltre, Verdugo etc etc etc.