Dodgers: Max Muncy and Phillies Closer Hector Neris Exchange Words

The bad blood between Philly and LA grows.

The Dodgers finale against the Phillies came jam packed with a pretty intense ending, and I don’t mean the tense one-run Philly victory.

That last line from Max is the type of epic punch line people put on t-shirts. Before we take a look at “Muncy v. Neris” let’s step back and look at some of the history during and before this series.

Dodgers Getting Beaned

Liz Habib on Fox 11 had a good segment the other night about the Dodgers getting thrown at. Check it out here:

The Dodgers have the best record in baseball, and tend to rout teams when they win. Are they always being thrown at intentionally? No, of course not. Does that make it any less of a problem? Absolutely not. Hector Neris throwing at David Freese after blowing the lead the batter before is as petulant, and as low-class as it gets. His 3 game suspension is a good move by MLB. This is magnified when you remember that Justin Turner the night before defended the PHILLIES after being plunked (accidentally this time) by a poorly thrown slider. Now that I’ve already pulled a “Tarantino” on this timeline, let me remind you how far back this goes, in case we all forgot:

Absolute Madness

Remember early 2017? Cody Bellinger’s early career, and the game that had his first (two) home runs? If you don’t, it was a good one, including Joe Davis’ call of “Absolute Madness.” Check that out and relive some great Dodger history.

Pretty epic. 3 straight home runs to tie it in the 9th, and then a walk off single a few at bats later. Just who was that pitcher that gave up the back-to-back-to-back home runs?

Hector Neris. That’s right, Hector has 2 years of failure against LA coursing through his veins. There’s no denying he has a bad history with the Dodgers. By bad history, I suppose I mean the Dodgers have owned him.

Neris Is A Baby

Hector Neris plunking David Freese the other night appeared to be of his volition. Take a look at JT Realmuto’s reaction to Neris hitting Freese in the back.

He clearly didn’t know that headhunting was part of the plan that night.

Dodgers Reaction

As for yelling at the Dodgers dugout after recording the final out, even Dave Roberts showed his displeasure.

As for the Dodgers, they clearly weren’t happy.

Muncy/Neris Cagefight?

Just for fun we asked you guys who’d win this particular fight. Take a look at the results.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty cowardly after blowing saves against the Dodgers various times in the past 2 years, to yell obscenities at the dugout immediately after the game is over. It seems even more cowardly to do so after the season series has concluded. I suppose the next time the Dodgers can get their revenge against the Phillies is in the playoffs, except–

The Phillies probably won’t be there.

Written by AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


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  1. Now that’s showing children some really “good sportsmanship.” Moreover, Neris’ behavior shows a complete lack of respect for our team, the sport of baseball and himself as a professional baseball player. It would seem that this pitcher was caught up in a moment…an absolutely tacky, unacceptable, moment…sad, really.

  2. Let’s give him the social media spam treatment like we’ve given to all of the other aholes over the years

    • If it were up to me this spineless individual (Nerris) should have gotten a 15 game suspension, considering he threw at the head of Freese. But NODH you as well as everyone here know that ‘there’s one in every crowd”

  3. “I like the guys we got,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said after the eighth game his team has lost this season despite leading after six innings. “Any bullpen can get better.”………….


    One would have hoped “our” manager would not blow patronizing smoke.

  4. We need to use this game as a rally point. We are 29 games above .500. Now is the time to say. Enough. Brushbacks are part of the game. But headhunting is not. Time to get tough. Put our heads down like a bull and push through. Grind harder. We can prove that it doesn’t take bush league activities to win games. And we don’t need to be intimidated by teams that resort to bush league ignorance.

  5. I played ball, got plunked on numerous occasions for a “statement”, we all understood the “un-written” rules. Plunking is usually on an arm, leg or back, NEVER AT THE HEAD! Statement, ok. Ending someone’s career, not ok.

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