Dodgers: Max Muncy Discusses His Father, and Players Losing Playing Time

There was some sentimental value attached to the All-Star Game in Cleveland for Muncy.

Last week, Max Muncy sat down for a pregame interview with Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic to discuss the importance of playing the All-Star Game in Cleveland specifically in addition to the Dodgers as a club..

Cleveland Ties

For a little background, Muncy’s father was from Cleveland, Ohio even though Muncy was born in Texas. He claims that his father is who taught him the game of baseball, the history of it, and even his swing. He also said this:

If it wasn’t for him, baseball would be an afterthought for me. The reason I am doing baseball is because of him.

Good thing Max chose baseball under the direction of his father because he has slowly developed into one of the league’s biggest offensive threats.

Muncy capped his All-Star appearance by making two amazing defensive plays at second base.

Talking Dodgers

Muncy was also questioned about his thoughts on the returns of outfielder AJ Pollock, shortstop Corey Seager, and infielder David Freese from the IL and how that would impact overall playing time:

It’s just understanding and being a mature club. Even we don’t start on a given day, we know we might get in in the fifth, sixth inning.

With the returns of three players who soak up lots of playing time, manager Dave Roberts has to properly divvy up playing time. Muncy is not a guy who has to worry about it as much considering he is one of the best players on the team, but it is still very interesting to see his perspective on it.

Written by Daniel Preciado

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