Dodgers: Max Muncy Fires Back at Criticism From ESPN Analyst

As if Tuesday night didn’t have enough fireworks as it was already, things got spicier. The Dodgers had already beat the Astros after a benches-clearing incident. But Max Muncy appeared to still be in a fighting mood, going after criticisms online. 

The original tweet from ESPN analyst Josh Cohen is now deleted. Fortunately, we were able to write down everything he had said before he got the chance to run and hide. In the tweet, Cohen in referencing Muncy taking a swing on a 3-0 count during the later innings of the Dodgers game last night. 

Max Muncy, that’s pathetic. The count was 3-0. You swing with no need, and no green light with 2 in scoring position. Then your fat *** eventually grounds out on a full count. Why do fat guys always feel the need to show out? -Josh Cohen(tweet deleted)

First of all, a UFC analyst talking smack on a baseball player for a baseball player is certainly a strange decision. Knowing that information, the Dodgers’ first baseman took his chance to fire back and to stand up for himself. 

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the perfect way to respond to an internet troll as a fan. Muncy is generally among the more quiet Dodgers players on the team. But as we saw with the Madison Bumgarner experience, he can have a feisty side. You love to see it. 

What’s Next

The Dodgers will play one more game in Houston tonight before heading to Arizona for a four-game series. Dustin May will get the ball as he takes on Cristian Javier in the final game. Javier is making the first big league start of his after pitching an inning of relief this year.  

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  1. Hooray for Muncy. Even my wife, a Dodger fan since Ebbets Field days of 1943 when she was taken to her first game said at the 3-0 count, ” I bet he has the green light to swing”. It was such an obvious call-the perfect situation. Cohen ought to go back to his day job, whatever that is since he appears to know nothing about the game of baseball. Can you run a photo of Cohen so we know whether we should refer to him as Fat A**, Skinny A** or only Stupid A**

  2. I believed that a professional Analyst like the one from ESPN who made made that comment in regards to Max Muncy knows nothing about the game of baseball and it is really so EASY for him to sit behind his FAT desk and make a critical and rude remarks about a Great baseball player!!!!